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Client: Armando Guiterrez

As of now, Armando is wheelchair bound since both his tibia and fibula on both legs are
broken. It is going to take about a month and a half for the bones to heal and fuse back together.
After that, the first method to getting Armando back on his feet is to start applying mild pressure
to both of his ankles and get his body to recognize the feeling of stretching the foot out in various
directions. This is going to be done twice a week for thirty minutes, and Armando is going to
have take home work where his family needs to do the same thing, but instead just need to place
him up against a wall and have him kicking off a wall so he can administer more pressure so his
muscles can get used to being worked again after being dormant for so long. Once Armando can
freely move his feet and ankles without significant pain, he is going to be brought into a pool so
start applying his own body pressure so he gets used to his own weight again. On top of walking
again, some exercises that will be useful for Armando are one leg balance, sidestepping, and
forward lunges. This will occur twice a week for an hour each visit. At home, his family will
help him sitting down and standing up in a chair so he doesn’t only get used to being in the water
and can get the sensation of knowing his body weight again. Once Armando can stand on his feet
outside of water for more than a couple of minutes, he will move onto walking with a walker.
Getting used to the full pressure and moving again on his feet is the next step so the muscles can
start regrowing and redeveloping even further. On top of that, Armando is going to go on a
treadmill and get used to different paces of walking so he is challenged now that he can support
his weight and will force his muscles to be active and to not be dormant any longer. Light
resistance training will be administered to Armando as well since he has the capability for being
a younger client. He will perform leg curls and leg extensions with the seated machines to apply
pressure on the shins and the calf muscles to build pain tolerance around the area of discomfort.
Lastly, once Armando can walk without the walker relatively well, he will undergo basic
calisthenic training to help Armando get back to knowing his body in full control again. Lunges,
squats, step ups, and jumpjacks will be performed by Armando twice a week on top of a basic
walk/jog for 10 minutes until he is comfortable in himself that he is back on his own two feet.
Aside from physical therapy, Armando will undergo therapy with a psychologist to help
with his issues of his brother, school, and traumatic injury. The therapist will also help him shape
a positive outlook despite everything that has happened. The desire to walk is needed by
Armando so he can make a speedy recovery so hopefully he can take alternative routes to
achieve his goal in running track and getting a scholarship in college. Just because this incident
did occur for Armando does not mean it is the end for his dreams. Various alternatives to his
dreams and a solid steady foundation of his family and friends can help Armando attain what he
thinks he had lost.