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‘Syracuse Petce Department 13307309 aoe 7 = = : [ [etree INCIDENT RECORDED ON BODY WORN CAMERA (On Friday, 31 May 2019, t 2022 hours, while ssgned to Crime Reduction Team unit 524 with Of Brown ‘we conducted a vehicle and afc sto» on & white Cilla bearing NY registationJHR3227 in the 100 block of Gace St. It shouldbe noted that mints eater, myself and Ofe Brown along wit several ther officers responded to Skiddy Park regarding pusibe drug sales. As result of officer investigation at Skid Pak, a loaded firearm was recovered along wth 188 grams of manana, While {was sll on sene in kiddy Pak observed multiple WestSide gang members that were present inthe area ofthe baskethll cot andthe aes off of| ‘Tioga St. Atthe conclusion of our imestgation at Skisdy Pak Iretumed to my marked patol vehicle which was parked in the 300 block of Oswego St While approaching my vehicle, my atention was drawn to the opposite of the park towards Tioga St. My alto was drewn toward a white Cailac SUV which was playing its music in excess well over 50 fects Iwas sending approximately one cy block away fom the vehicle then observed this vehicle contin southbound ont Fabius Stand then tke a et hand tur onto Oswego ‘Stwhere it proceeded southbound. Itnen effected a vehicle and tfc stop inthe 100 block of Grace St. fr the local aw of Sound Reproduction Which Thad previously observed moments ealir while in Skiddy Pak, ‘approached the diver sde ofthe vehicle Where I observed the diver ofthe vehicle, later identified as Shaoin Moore, sready holding his diver icese at his window. [then obsined Moore's license from him and asked him to sip out of the vehicle, as Twas attempting to search him incident lawful anest forthe Sound Reproduction. ‘Moore refused to step out ofthe veice and stated to me that he doesnot have to. I then comand Moore several times to step out ofthe vebicle which he continued to disobey. Moore sated to me that he did nothave to get out ofthe vehicle because he asa valid divers license 1 den explained to Moore the reason why T wanted to hi step outof the vehicle and that twas cut the local Iw violation of sound reproduction and that it didnot have anything todo with his lense statis. In my experiences, when subjects refuse to sep out of vehicles, they ee trying 9 conceal contraband ora weazon on he person or inside ofthe vehicle. Due w seiny this weit in ait area Where a loaded Firearm was recovered moments earlier and Moore's uncooperative behavior, I became fearful ‘that Moore could be concealing a Weapon. [Atthat time I grabbed onto Moore let erm with my left hand andthe back of his upper shonlderneck area ‘with my right hand and atempted to ecort Moore out of the vehicle. Whea I rabbed oto Moore with bots of ‘my hands, felch tens up hs lft arm while athe same time he moved his upper body further it the vehicle to avoid me grabbing ono him. As Ives doing this I continued to give Moore verbal commands that he continuoaly disobeyed. As I was trying o escort Moore outof the vehicle, he held onto the steaing whee ofthe ‘ehicle wit his righthand in an atmptto prevent me om removing him from the vehicle. As was moving “Moores upper body fm the vehicle boar the doorway, he removed his righthand fom the steering Wheel and quickly eached towards the font of his waistband ashe hed his upper body bac nse ofthe vehicle. Atthat tine I eguined my grip of Moore's upper shouldedneck area with i ight arm and performed and upper body hip toss. Of. Brown ten came over ffm the passenger sie ofthe vehicle and assisted me in bringing Moore down conto the ground. Once on the ground [observed Moot laying on his stomach wit is hands and ams tucked in ‘between his midsceion and the groun. Tas notable to see Moore's hands this tine. It shouldbe noted that subjects commonly ear and conceal weapon in ther waistband area con fe es ee TESTS Pace 5 {Christopher Buske (ay Eactonleay Stoned | LT GENO TURO {130 ‘cenian9" Approved ctoncaly CNYLRADS Narrative Supplement 2 ‘Syracuse Pts Deparimont ‘Tos07309 Seat 7 a Sint New Wek ‘Du to Moore already reaching for his walaband ope tino as Iwas ae t remove bi fom the vel and his hands curently Being outof my sight nd tucked undemeth his body around his waistband area, I eared tat he could be reeving «weapon, ‘Myselfand Of, Brown gave Moore mul commands to give ushis arms and to pice them behind his back. Moore refused ou verbal commands and kept them underest his midsection Then struck Moore's head 2-3 times with a elosed fist in an attempt to distract him and get his arms behind his back. ‘Upon my strikes, ft. Brown was able o get Moore's arms behind his back. AL tha time additonal officers had srived on scene and assisted in handcufing Moore. As additional officers arived on scene, Lasked Off. Bach to secure the passenger ofthe vehicle who was identified as Yamil Osorio as he was lft out of sight momentarily where hhe could have retrieved a weapon lftinside ofthe vebicle when taking Moore into custody. ‘Moore was then placed in the ea eat of unit 524 and Osorio was subsoquently released. Moore was then ‘transported tothe Justice Center where he was lodged for Resisting Arrest and Sound Reproduction, T observed ‘minor abrasion to the right side of More's face, ‘The vehicle which Moore was operating was released to the registered ownes, Shavonae Peter. Unis $35C BT Zaccaria responded Cruiser $06, I Turo notified andon sone Case closed by adult arrest. ygnav¥as: 1038 aut w INI ‘Christopher Banke ‘Say Blactroncly Sgned | LT GENO TURO. to 6 {0 ‘Sowi019 Approved Eletronieady