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ANDY 4 TAGGART ATTORNEY GENERAL Ro Kk Kk KEK) KEK June 3, 2019 Via Email and First Class Mail ‘The Honorable Lynn Fitch P.O, Box 696 nn, Mississippi 39130 Iynnfitchnews om Dear Lynn: Iwas surprised and disappointed to learn that you have changed your mind and decided not to participate in our long-scheduled debate at William Carey University on June 5 as planned, confirmed and ‘coordinated by the Federalist Society of the Gulf Coast, and that you also will not be present at Southwest Mississippi Community College for the June 7 debate planned and coordinated by the Mississippi Fedecation of College Republicans. As candidates for Attorney General, I believe we have a pa cour state to compare our skills and experience as advocates — and our positions as public servants — and head to head. lar responsibility to allow the voters of person Please reconsider, and I hope you will choose to participate in the June 5 and June 7 debates. I certainly intend to be present at both and will be pleased to see you at both if you do change your mind. Further, Iam willing to make myself available for a series of three live debates, one in each of our state’s three Supreme Court districts, on any date and at any reasonable time, other than on June 18 and 19, due toa scheduled oral argument I have before the Mississippi Supreme Court, and excluding Sunday morrings. I ‘am confident that there are many civie-minded organizations willing to sponsor and moderate those debates. As ‘our state has law schools in two of the three Supreme Court districts, those seem to me to be excellent venues for two of the debates, But locations will be easy enough to confirm once we agree upon dates. | look forward to hearing from you or your designee as soon as possible, and I may be reached through our campaign office number of 601-499-1995 to discuss details. Thank you for your time and consideration. ‘Yours very truly, Andy Taggart ce: The Honorable Mark Baker Mississippi Media CU ay (601) 499-1995, CUD ae