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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Region VIII
Division of Samar
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Demonstration Lesson Plan in

Area: LAN Cabling Date: August 2, 2018

I. Learning Objectives:
At the end of the session, students are expected to:
A. enumerate the tools and materials used in LAN cabling;
B. identify the color coding of wires used in straight through LAN cable;
C. perform a straight through LAN cabling;
D. value the importance of following safety precaution while working.

II. Learning Content

General Competency: LAN Cabling
Specific Competency: Straight through LAN cabling
A. New Knowledge
Crimp system

Are designed to compact the wire strands together to set level so that no interstitial
spaces (gaps) are left between the strands.

This stops both moisture and oxygen entering the crimp and therefore prevents rust from
B. Values

C. Materials
LCD Projector
UTP cable
Crimping Tool
Cable Tester

D. Reference/s
Sheryl B. Calabig and Carmelita H. Benito. (2014). Data Communication.
Engr. Alex S.E SY (TESDA manual amended-December 2013).TR Computer Systems
Servicing NC II. p.44.

III Learning Experience

A. Daily Routine
1. Prayer
2. Arrangement of chairs and cleanliness
3. Checking of Attendance via seat plan
4. Others

B. Lesson Proper
1. Review of the past lesson

LAN or Local Area Network is a connection of computers within a room or
building that is in the same location.

Using this Network we can use peripheral connected to one computer such as
Printers to printer files or documents from the other computer.

LP for ICT Computer Hardware Servicing – Grade 10 Page 1

2. Presentation
a. Motivation:

Show pictures of gamers who are playing Dota in a room where computer uses

LAN connection.
Ask the student if they want to know how it works.

Use Picture equation to reveal the topic for the day.

b. Raised Up Question:
The teacher will ask at least 2 students the following questions:

What do you want to know or to learn about the topic that will be answered after
the discussion?

The teacher will show the objectives of the lesson over PowerPoint

The teacher will introduce the topic to the class.

c. Materials: Technical terms, Definitions, and Pictures

UTP Cat5e Cable
Unshielded Twisted Pair Category 5 enhanced is used as a cabling
infrastructure for Ethernet. The most common cable used in computer
networking. Number of twisted-pair wires are often grouped together and
enclosed in a protective sheath to form a cable.

Crimping Tool/Crimper
A device used to conjoin two pieces of metal by deforming one or both of
them in a way that causes them to hold each other. Used to crimp UTP cable to
RJ45 connector

Registered Jack 45 is a standard type of connector for Ethernet network
cables. It is an eight-wire connector used to connect computers to category 5
unshielded twisted-pair cables in a network

LAN Tester
Local Area Network Tester or cable tester is an electronic device used to
verify the electrical connections in a cable or other wired.

LAN Cabling
the process of creating the cable used to create a network that interconnects

T568B Straight-Through Connection
is used to connect computer to a network device such as a router.

LP for ICT Computer Hardware Servicing – Grade 10 Page 2

Use a straight-through cable when:
1. Connecting a router to hub.
2. Connecting a computer to a switch.
3. Connecting a LAN port to a switch, hub, or computer.

T568 B Straight Through Connection Wire Color Coding

1 White-Orange 1 White-Orange
2 Orange 2 Orange
3 White-Green 3 White-Green
4 Blue 4 Blue
5 White-Blue 5 White-Blue
6 Green 6 Green
7 White-Brown 7 White-Brown
8 Brown 8 Brown

d. Application
Steps in LAN cabling:
1. Prepare all the materials needed.
2. Carefully remove the outer jacket of the cable.
3. Untwist the pairs and arrange the wires based on Straight-Through wiring.
4. Trim the untwisted wires to a suitable length.
5. Keep the wires flat and in order as you push them into the RJ-45.
6. Place the wired plug into the crimping tool.
7. Repeat all the steps with the other end of the cable.
8. Test the cable using the LAN Tester.

e. Analysis

teacher will ask the following questions to students:
What are the devices that use Straight-Through cable wiring?

How do you know the accuracy of your Straight-through cable?

Can you explain what must have happened to the UTP cable and RJ45 when

LAN tester won’t give accurate light as expected?
Can we reuse RJ45? Why?

f. Generalization
LAN Cabling is a process of creating a LAN Cable which is used in
interconnecting computers. Straight-Through cable is just one of the three types of
LAN cable. The other two types of LAN cables are Cross-over and Roll-over
cables. Each cable type has a distinct use, and should not be used in place of
another. Straight-Through cable is used to connect computers, printers, and other
network client devices to the router switch or hub.

IV. Assessment

A. REMEMBER & UNDERSTAND Direction: Write the missing color in the Straight-
through connection wiring diagram. Write the letter of
the correct answer on the space provided.
Pin 1 Pin 2 Pin 3 Pin 4 Pin 5 Pin 6 Pin 7 Pin 8
(1.)______ (2.)______ WG (3.)______ WB G (4.)______ (5.)_
a. WBr b. WO c. O d. G e. B f. Br

LP for ICT Computer Hardware Servicing – Grade 10 Page 3

B. APPLY & ANALYZE Direction: Students will create a T568B or Straight-
(60%) Through LAN cable by following the steps in crimping
a LAN cable for 15 minutes.
Dimension 3 2 1 Rating
1. Process Systematically Systematically Cannot follow
follow the steps follow the steps the steps
prescribed all prescribed prescribed.
the time. sometimes
2. Product Able to Able to complete Wasn’t able to
complete the the task with complete the
task correctly error resolved task
3. Time management Able to finish Able to finish the Unable to finish
the task ahead task a minute the task
of time after the given

C. EVALUATE & Direction: Students will create a T568B or Straight-Through

CREATE (20%) LAN cable by following the steps in crimping a LAN cable for
15 minutes.
Dimension 3 2 1 Rating
1. Awareness Student Student express Student express
express some awareness a little
maximum on the importance awareness on
awareness of LAN cabling. the importance
on the of LAN cabling.
of LAN
2. Safety Observe the Observe the Cannot observe
safety safety precaution the safety
precaution prescribed precaution
prescribed sometimes. prescribed.
all the time.
3. Workmanship Practiced at Practiced at all Cannot practice
all times. sometimes. cooperation at

Individual Computation: Formula

A. REMEMBER & UNDERSTAND Score/5x20=AG ____/5x20= _______
B. APPLY & ANALYZE Score/9x60=BG ____/5x20= _______
C. EVALUATE & CREATE Score/9x20=CG ____/5x20= _______
Total Grade TOTAL=_________
Assessment’s Answer Key:
A. 1. b. WO
2. c. O
3. e. B
4. a. WBr
5. f. Br

B. & C’s answers are based on how they perform their task and the quality of their
finished product.

LP for ICT Computer Systems Servicing – Grade 10 Page 4

V. Assignment

A. Follow-up Assignment:
1. What is Cross-over LAN cable?
2. What is the color coding of Cross-over LAN cable?

B. Advance Assignment:
1. What are the Structured Cabling Systems?
2. Identify and describe the elements that are recommended for structured
cabling networks.

Structured Cabling System, Internetworking Fundamental-Students’ Manual pp. 79-89.

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LP for ICT Computer Hardware Servicing – Grade 10 Page 5