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February 6,2019 The Parent & Teacher Association of Buena Vista Horace Mann 3351 23ed Street San Francisco, CA 94110 Commissioner Stevon Cook, President ‘The Board of Education ‘San Franciseo Unified School District 555 Franklin St San Francisco, CA 94102 Transmitted via e-mail: Dear Commissioner Cook ‘As the parent and family community at Buena Vista Horace Mann (“BVEM"), we have lodged multiple concems about the facilities at our site over the past two school years. Last year, our former principal and multiple parents met with SFUSD facility staff about facility eoncems, particularly related tothe healt and safety of our students, While some issues have been addressed, there are glaring problems that require immediate attention from the District. The problems are inthe clasrooms, administrative offices, play areas and common rooms. The purpose ofthe letter is to highlight Some ofthe problems and to request that a facility team tour the site and conduct an inspection to identify a complete list of necessary repairs “The muditorium has uncovered radiators thet are hot tothe touch and families have reported children being injured by them. Additionally, there isan exposed radiator inthe Elementary schoo! hllway next to kindergarten classes, Classrooms are in need of repaits. For example, Room 203 (Image 1) has water damage 6 the floors causing holes in ile and creating a walking hazard. There have boon ‘complaints logged with the CMMS system for the past six yeas, but there have been no repairs There is a rodent infestation in Room 204, whieh has been reported multiple times through the CMMS system, but it has not been corecte. ‘There ure broken drain covers throughout the campus. Image TI shows an example of one next to the entry to the Room 120, which is utilized throughout the day by multiple srades. There is a tear in the external stairwell to the second floor of the Middle School campus, ‘which was ported in April of 2018, and has not been repaired and has several sharp comers (Image I) ‘+ Multiple water fountains are clogged andor not funetioning throughout both campuses In addition, birds perch on the outdoor water fountains and as such, staf and teachers instruct students notto drink ftom them out of eoneem tha they are unclean, ‘The girs” bathroom next to the garden needs stall repairs in the frst and third stalls, including the addition of sanitary napkin disposal bins. The Computer Lab coes not have enough wall outlets and the instructor was informed by the Fire Marshall to limit the number of computers plugged into extension cords ‘The main storm water drain in the garden courtyard does not drain during heavy rains, creating a large pool of storm water run-off (Image IV). ‘+ Room 120 has two classes which are conducted simultaneously and a sound barter is needed, ‘+ The heat inthe Main Office runs on high requiring stalTt have fans and open windows ‘during the winter to 2ombat the heat. The condition ofthe room makes it uninhabitable. For example, on December 17, 2018, the temperature climbed to 90 degrees, ‘+ We also need addticnal janitorial support to keep the facility clean and stocked with soap, towels, and toilet paper throughout school hours. Despite earnest efforts by our dedicated janitorial staff, bathrooms need more janitorial support. Students report not drinking water and limiting the amount of food they eat during the day so thet they ean avoid using the restwoms. ‘Thank you for your consideration in addressing these important issues immediatly Sincerely, Bemice Case PTA Member ‘ec: Supervisor Ronen Supervisor Walton (Commissioner Mark Sanchez Commissioner Alison Collins Commissioner Gabriela Lépez Commissioner Fasuyga Moliga, Commissioner Rachel Norton ‘Kevin Connolly, Director of Buildings and Grounds awn Kamalanathar, Facilities Manager (Claudia Delarios Meran, Principal Gissell Medina, Assistant Prinlpal 2 Ce lt