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Building Management System

An Insight by Mr. Rahul Aggarwal (Head-HVAC)


All buildings have some form of mechanical and electrical services in

order to provide the facilities necessary for maintaining a
comfortable working environment.
What is Building Management System?

1. A Building Management System (BMS) is a “Intelligent” control

system installed in buildings that controls and monitors the
building’s mechanical and electrical equipment such as
ventilation, lighting, power systems, hydrulic systems, fire
systems, and security systems.
2. System consists of ”Field devices” (eg. sensors, actuators, VFD
etc) and BMS system (eg. controllers, server, software etc). An
operator interfaces with the system via a central workstation or
Web browser.
3. BMS three basic functions are :
• Controlling
• Monitoring
• Optimizing
How Building Automation Systems Works ?

1. Controllers embedded in HVAC & other utilities equipment

communicate with each other via a local area network. Each
equipment is then connected to the internet through a gateway
that is protected by security firewall. Because these building
equipment offers remote control capabilities , facility managers
can monitor and control their building from any location with a
web connection . They can also manage multiple sites

2. Likewise we can also connect multiple building independent of

their location with BAS
Building Management system
Benefits of Having Building Management System

1. Increased plant overall efficiency by reducing response time

2. Effective monitoring and real time mapping
3. Improved occupant comfort
4. Reduction in operation cost maintenance staff
5. Improved fire, security and other emergency procedures
6. Easy building management
7. Data Integrity & security

1. Web based system

2. IP based controller
3. Open communication protocol
4. Third integration support Eg VFD,Chiller ,Hot water
5. Multilevel password protection
6. User friendly
Field Devices

• Duct temperature sensor

Field Device

• Differential pressure sensor

Field Device

• Differential pressure switch

Field Device

• Damper Actuator
Field device

• Pressure independent chilled water valve

Field Device

• Variable Frequency Drive

BMS schematic with IO LIST for CNC AHU
BMS schematic with IO LIST for GRADE C/D
Chiller Plant manager graphical representation
Air Handling unit graphical representation
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