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We can't wait: An open letter to Speaker Pelosi on impeachment 

June 4, 2019 
Dear Speaker Pelosi, 
We write to express deep disappointment and concern over your refusal to use the full scope of 
your constitutional power to hold Trump accountable. We urge you to reconsider your position on 
this issue and immediately open an impeachment inquiry.  
Voters gave Democrats control of the House of Representatives because they wanted aggressive 
oversight of the Trump administration. Yet, your leadership is resulting in dangerous inaction that 
enables this racist and xenophobic president. Our families, friends, communities, country and 
planet deserve a party that chooses people over politics – and that starts with your willingness to 
take bold, moral leadership. 
As Speaker of the House, you have the power to ensure Congress exercises its constitutional 
obligation to hold this president accountable, but instead of using your power, you are giving us 
political excuses for why you shouldn't. Instead of leading, you and your colleagues have asked us 
to wait – wait for the Mueller report, wait for the unredacted Mueller report, wait for Mueller's 
testimony about the Mueller report, wait for more investigations, wait for bipartisan consensus, 
wait for impeachment to poll better, wait for the 2020 election.  
With 10 distinct episodes of obstruction of justice already clear from the Mueller report, 
violations of the emoluments clause happening on an almost daily basis, and Trump's 
administration now defying subpoenas for both documents and testimony, waiting is a privilege. 
But it is not a privilege available to the families separated by his deportation force or his Muslim 
ban, the asylum seekers languishing in Mexico, the people threatened by his embrace of white 
supremacy, the LGBTQ people whose rights he is taking away, the women whose bodies he is 
trying to control or the communities threatened by his denial of the climate crisis.  
The American people deserve a leader who is willing to bravely use power to rein in the Trump 
administration and defend our communities. You have stated that we are facing a constitutional 
crisis. But the remedy for such a constitutional crisis is not traditional congressional oversight – 
particularly when confronted with a president who has nothing but contempt for such oversight 
and obstinately refuses to comply with legitimate congressional demands and requests. The 
framers placed the impeachment power in the Constitution precisely for the purpose of 
confronting a lawless president like Donald Trump. 
There's still a chance to turn things around. You are a powerful leader who has stood up for 
women's rights, cleared a path for other women to get to Congress and brought us the ACA. Your 
strong leadership can help move the public narrative, not only on impeachment, but on the 
dangers Trump's presidency poses for all Americans. Your leadership can position the House of 
Representatives as the body that exposes the corruption and moral abhorrence of the Trump 
White House, proves that no president is above the law, and persuades most Americans that this 
president must be removed from office. You can help expose his defenders and enablers, including 
those in the Senate, as craven partisans willing to destroy our democracy and defend a criminal 
president in order to protect tax breaks for their billionaire benefactors and stack the federal 
courts to defend their white, male privilege.  
In the very near future, the Trump era will be one that evokes the question – what did you do? We 
urge you to use your power to lead and to stop asking us to wait.  
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