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Rohit Rawat

IILM Institute for Higher Education

24, Male, India

Class Board Marks

PGP, Marketing Others 3.15/4
BE, Mechanical Engineering Govind Ballabh Pant University of Agriculture & Technology 55.50
XIIth CBSE 64.00
Xth CBSE 72.00

Operating Systems Windows 95/98/Me, Windows NT/2000/2003/2008, Windows XP/Vista

Software AUTOCAD, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint
Financial Portfolio Management
Linguistic English, Hindi, Punjabi

manufacturing of cement and maintenance of plant - Tororo cement limited (east

Jul, 2005 - Jul, 2005
Briefly analysed the technology involved in cement manufacturing,plant operations and their maintenance,covering the gaps and
learning their eradication so as to raise the efficiency of plant.

Analyze the supply chain management for cement manufacturing. - Hiedel berg
Nov, 2007 - Jan, 2008
analyzed the complete supply chain from procurement of raw materials to the distributors of Hiedel berg cement in India and
provided the required measures to be taken for further improvements.

evaluation of distribution efficasy of gsk consumer health products. - gsk consumer

May, 2009 - Jul, 2009
A detailed survey of various retail outlets/chemists in delhi,analyzing the data regarding the distribution channel,finding out the
potential and non potential outlets,tracing the gaps and there by providing an operational model

Anti moist ( an alternative for air conditioner ) - Prof.Somya Mishra Mar, 2005 - May, 2005
Prepared a Device model for absorbing the moisture content in a closed room, by its application one can reduce moisture at his
space and enjoy the comforts of A.C even under a normal fan.

brake shoe wear indicator ( working model ) - Prof. Nasir ali Khan Oct, 2006 - Jan, 2007
Prepared the working model of brake shoe wear indicator a device that can help in avoiding accidents and regular servicing of
drum and hudraulic brakes in a vehiclewith the help of thermalsensors.

Marketing strategies on launch of reliance suit case. - Prof.sufia ashar khan Dec, 2008 - Dec, 2008
Prepared a report on marketing strategies required for the launch of "Suit case " from Reliance.

Gaming industry ( Live project ) - Asct. Dean Padmakali Mishra Feb, 2009 - Present
Analuzed the various aspects of gaming culture all around the world i.e china,japan,korea,U.S.A etc capture and analyzed INDIAN
gaming industry covering the various corporate players involved,gaps,gray markets,obstacles and much more,thereby generating a
Business plan for establishing and enriching gaming Industry in INDIA.

Market research on consumer preference for pizza ( Live project with TNS grp) - Prof.
Mar, 2009 - Apr, 2009
Kavita shukla
Performed a market survey on consumer preferences over various pizza brands thier taste likes and dislikes on various
ingredients,thereby analyzing the generated data and submitting a report with suggestive measures for better marketing.

Study the causes for the failure of Kellog's as a new entrant in INDIA - Prof. Kavita
Mar, 2009 - May, 2009
Evaluated the secondary data about the company's profile its marketing strategies,Financial structure,infrastructure and analyzed
the root causes for the failure of this new entrant,further analyzed the new strategies/measures practised by Kellog's that brought
it to its current position supported by a detailed research on employees and customers.

Management information system by ACC cements - Prof. Nalin Jha Apr, 2009 - Apr, 2009
Analyzing the Information system used by ACC,its utilization in plant operations and in nourishing the efficiency of the firm.

Stood 10th at state level national talent competition.
Stood 4 at Delhi association of Mathematics teachers.
Participated in various debate competitions at school and college level.
Best student in college.
Paper presentation at state level.
Have won lots of certificates on various talent search exams at school level.
have won various quiz competitions.
Active participant in cricket ,
Football at district level (Team captain ),
Table tennis at district level
Have represented and won lot of certificates and trophies at school and college level.
Volley ball,
Participated and won various dance competions at school and college levels,participated in various street plays and drama
competions,An active volunteer in all college activities and events, have been a part of events organized for charity, hosted events
and fests at college level. vice president cultural affairs at college level.

Iam a quick learner

Ihave innovative approach
Good listner
Focused on my objectives
Multi tasking
Loyal and efficient in my work
if given a chance i can prove myself to be competent enough

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