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ieee WO" 16,5) qooz/o10 FAX 869 ‘ 4373 DOCKET NO. F Y i SUPERIOR COURT JENNIFER DI * e vs. J.D. OF STAMFORD/NORWALK AT STAMFORD JUNE 3, 2019 FOTIS DULO § 46b-57, the moving party, GLORIA FARBER, hereby ‘matter for purposes of being awarded custody, at least award of custody to Mrs. Farber is in the minor] ber secks to intervene for access/visitation rights| er motion to intervene, Mrs. Farber alleges the wt in custody proceedings in which a third parly d that: 1) she hus a parent-like relationship with imental to the child; and 3) custody with the third Fish v. Jtish, 285 Conn. 4, 89 (2008). inning whether to award visitation: 1) t-like relationship with the child; and 2) { significant harm if visitation were denied. See Roth] oar WAYLS loluacns VI: ONO 3) AB OH alo pt FNND Mi eV nowy * 96/03/2019 won 16:53 pax geo 42 4378 oo3/o10 June 20, 2017, the plaintiff, Jennifer Dulos, initiated the above- action against the defendant, Fotis Dulos. The parties have five ‘the plaintiff's mother, and the minor children’s maternal Power of Attorney on behalf of the plaintiff. As the children's hhas been actively involved with all five children since each sided primacily with the plaintiff since the initiation of the ‘Connecticut. The current custodial orders provide that the h the plaintiff having final decision-making and sole physical 20, 2019, the defendant has been afforded only : ‘with a schedule sct forth in the Court's May 24, 2019, and remains missing as of the with Mrs. Farber, at her residence in New| Il-time caregiver for the past five yeurs, Ms, 6/03/2019 mon 16:59 vax 960 434 4375 oa7or9 Canaan police in connection with the plaintiff's disappearance. The| with tampering with or fabricating physical evidence and first degree currently being held at the Bridgeport Correctional Facility with a] is a “close and substantial” parent-like relationship with the minor ‘with her. Soe Fish v, Fish, 285 Comn. 4, 44 (2008); Roth v, children planned to be with Mrs. Farber on May 24, 2019, tion with the children or her family. ‘he children have had oer during the period of their parents’ separation, and “Mrs. Farber, including to Hlorida a couple of| ae Farber’s NYC residence, where they have Kept toys, books, games, ctc. over the