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Tehila Cherry

Social Justice

Mr. Gilbert

20 March 2019

Courthouse Historical Landmark

In 2017, the new San Diego County Superior Courthouse was opened in downtown San

Diego. This project took many years to complete and was incredibly exciting for residents of San

Diego. However, this led to the question of what was to be done with the old courthouse that

wasn’t being used anymore. A number of high-end developers bid to transform the courthouse

into apartments, shopping centers, and a few other options. I believe that tearing down the old

courthouse is a bad idea simply because of all of the history that is in those walls. For example,

the old city hall building is now a historical landmark created by the Gaslamp Quarter Historical

Foundation, and it is critical to continue to preserve historical buildings that hold a lot of

meaning to the county/city of San Diego.

My advertisement’s main goal is to raise awareness on the issue of creating historical

landmarks in San Diego. The Gaslamp Quarter used to be known as the “Harlem of the West”

because of the rich culture and history that existed in San Diego. Unfortunately, gentrification

caused this nickname and so much of the culture to be wiped from downtown, and the idea of

setting the old courthouse as a historical landmark is meant to preserve the culture and history of

the entire county of San Diego. Often times, citizens aren’t aware of the bids for new projects
that tear down important buildings that they care about, so this advertisement will cause the

public sentiment to shift to the side of preservation over new building.

I would get my advertisement into local distribution through placing it in the San Diego

Union Tribune newspaper so that San Diegans from all over would become aware of the

situation. Next, I would make flyers and post them around the site in order to spark a

conversation and lead to mass signing of petitions to make the courthouse a historical landmark.

Finally, I would place these flyers at other historical landmarks around downtown San Diego so

that tourists would also be able to get involved in the process of turning a cultural landmark into

a designated historical landmark.

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