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Resolution No: Sf) DATE: May 13, 2019, RESOLUTION Thomas John Serra Middletown’s Native Son April 14, 1946 — February 9, 2019 WHEREAS, Thomas Jahn Serra is Middletonn's native son. A ife-long resisen, most people knew Torn from his public lf, a a scholratiete, a teache, a coach, a school administrator, educator, a telong communteant of St Sebastian's Church, and an elected official with nearly Te decades of puble service Ieltrecamnrty te ove 90 eh at WHEREAS, fist and foremost, Tom was devoted to his family. Growing up inthe North End, his charactor {nd spt were forged by hs parents, Conceto "Connie? and Marian well as his sblngs, Jo, Loret, ‘nd Joy. As a young man is hear and soul ulimately belonged to is beloved wile Maryann, to hie sane ‘lason and Chilstoprer, anata their respective spouses, Jil ana Amy Lyn. As fay gra, Tom Became “Grampy.' who adored, and was equaly adored by, his ve grandchildren Lea, Mar, Braycen, Matteo, and Caylee Ann. Tom was an example to al, 26 he Balanced the responsibities of husband, father [randfather, educator, and dedicated volunteer in both churon and in eve service, working by blending rise and hurt, and WHEREAS, having excelled academically and athisically as an Al Stat football payer, and having earned ‘ltl varity eters at Masletown High School, Tom continued hie ste at Eater Connectett Sa Univer, eaming his Bacholor of Science n Education in 1970, Master of Jt in Education in 1972, ahd, ‘subsoquenty, he University of Connectout,earing a6 Year Certiaton in Advanced Graduate Stuces In Edseatonal Adminstration in 1678. A slong leamer, in 1087, Tom earned a Certcate of Completion forthe Cooperating Teacher Program, and, in 186%, completed the Assessor Tring. While pursuing Ns ‘education, Tom also. wotked a= carpenter, 2 proud Union member in the Unted Brothemnood of ‘Gerpenters Local #24 from 1865 to 1998, sna WHEREAS, ovora 33 year caror as an atcator, Tom was a mentor to countess young people, who were ‘embarking cn the raed fo adulthood. From 1970 fo 1889, he taught Engish. begining at St Thomas More Preparatory Schoo, and subsecuerdy at Toland High Schoo, East Hampton Jt. High Seneo, 2nd utimateyjined te faculty of Connecticut's Technical Education & Career Systm a Vinal Technical High School Fiam 1989 to 1983, Tom served as Assistant Pritcpal at Vinal Technical High School. in 1867, “Tom was appcinte as Principal of Vinal Technical High School, serving unt his ratrement in 2003: and WHEREAS, prompted by his ove for our community, 1873, while working 2 an educator and in summer '3 a carpenter, Tom stepped up and became active on City boards & corrmissions, devoting countess hours over near fve decades. In 1979, Tom was elecied 1o the Common Councl, Ho held vatlous CCouncimanie postons, including Majority Leader and Deputy Mayor, ard has also served on various CCounelmanie Commissions and Committees. Tom was elactad Mayor of he Cy of Middletown, serving 4983 to 1995, In 2015, folowing hs retrement fom Vinal Tech, Tom returned, re-lesed to the Common (Council and het leadership postions on Councimanic Comsmttees and Commissions In 2019, a tha time tthe pasting, Tom wae serving ae Major Leadar, ac Chair ofthe Matabaneatt Oli Rogienatsaton Bulking Commitee, and at Chsirof France & Goverment Operations Commission, and WHEREAS, Tom's caling was pubic sence, a an educster ond as an elected official. He was involved withthe Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce since 7997, siting on varus commiftessincuding Manufactuing Commitee, Sports Commies, Sctolarship Committe (Chatman), Businaes Education ‘Advisory Caun(Vice-Chai), and the Board of Dvector. His civic mvalement extended to service 23 Presidant and Boar Member ofthe Midcletown, Connect Sports Hall of Fame, Vioe President ofthe ‘Saint Sebastian Parsh Counsi, 2 member of the Eastem Connecticut Alumni Aesociaton, meuding Feciplent ofthe Distinguished Alumnl Service Award in 2011. He Was a membar ofthe lialan American {Cue Order, Universy of Connecttut Alumn’ Associaton, BPOE Eke 771, Knights of Columous, The ltalan Seciety, Fratemal Order of Eagles, Connecticut Constables Associaton, Connecticut Polish Nations! Home, Holy Name Society, Posh Falcons, nd Kiwanis nd WHEREAS, ovr tho ast year, deste a majc heath challenge, Tom porsevered as Middetown's native ‘Son, an exarple of selienscommamentto others, alvays uly supparted by nis famly and ends, his ath ‘ane the community he loved so wel NOW, THEREFORE, BEIT RESOLVED BY THE COMMON COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF MIDDLETOWN: Sn benaf ofthe people of Micetown, we sale Thomas John Sera fea fete of cv invovernent. His Iie a testimony to his character and seifess devotion to Mideetoun Tom was a tue Amercan ctzon ‘olunteer and community pattarch. Wie extnd aur sincere, heartfelt thanks fra fe wal Ive inservice {Sind with encanationa lve for, he fam, flonde. ana bie eommunty. Fiscal impact: None ‘Submitted by: Counclimembers Mary Barolota, Robert Blanchard, Cal Chisem, W. Vance Cotter (Grady Faulkner, dr, Sebastian Gi Deborah Kleckowshi, Eugene Nocera, Philip Pes Linda Salata, & Robert Santangelo, status: By Common Council ofthe City of Middletown Alls meeting held on: