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Presentation of the company

Company’s name: Grupo exito

Grupo Exito purposes for a better sustainable future has special goals on their
Environmental, Economic and Social aspects; for this their doing some important actions
that generate important changes, but also some weak actions that does hepls, but not in
a mayor way

Nature of the company (purpose):
-Commitment to prevent, control, mitigate and compensate environmental impacts that
may cause the development of their work production and marketing of products and

Social actions Economical actions Environmental actions

Strong actions Weak actions Strong actions Weak actions Strong actions Weak actions
- Recognizes -Promotes a -There is a -Who -Comply with -. Promote the
its important healthier lifestyle management the minimization of
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food, health and employees there is a agenda and legislation and programs
and nutrition of -Apliying healthy corporate operationalizes regulations -The fruit that
its products to their sustainability the actions is -Reducing costs
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Company's of Sustainability management of fertilizer for the
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