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Mr. Attique-ur-Rehman

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Adeem Raza

Saud Ali

Zohaib Ali

Waqar Ahmed


April 23, 2010



Organizational Structure is the formal arrangement of jobs within an organization.

This structure can be shown visually in an Organization Chart also serves many
purposes. Jang Group considered one of the oldest group of newspaper and here
we present the Organizational Chart of Jang Group:

Management Structure & Style

Jang Group consists of 1500 plus employees in the Lahore bureau itself, because it
has a very wide and large hierarchy.

Organization structure

Jang Group consists of multiple layers of management and thus forms a Tall
Organizational Structure. Information, whether upward or downward must pass
through so many organizational layers. Group Chairman, General Manager and
Editor are at the top level of management, the information passes from the upward
to the Production head, General Manager of Marketing and Sales and then to the
Finance Manager. Then each manager has in turn two subordinates and
subordinates in return also have some staff under them, to whom they convey the
information or assigned tasks to them. This leads towards to the centralization
because the decision-making takes place at the upper levels of the organization.
The environment in the centralized organization is stable and effective
implementation of company strategies depends on managers retaining say over
what happens. However, at the same time it is also highly decentralized.

Span of Control
April 23, 2010

Determining span of control is important because to a large degree, it determines

the number of levels and mangers in an organization. In Jang Group, span of
control tends to be wide at lower level and is relatively narrow at upper level
management, because all the mangers of Marketing, Sales and Finance are
answerable to Group Chairman, Editor, and General Manger. At the lower level

span of control is wide. The trend in recent years has been towards larger span of
control, which is consistent with managers’ effort to speed up decision-making,
increase flexibility, get closer to customers, employee empowerment and reduce

Organization chart

Organizational chart is shown on the following page, which shows formal

arrangement of jobs within an organization or in other words, it is the visual
representation of an organization’s structure.

Decision making style

It is highly decentralized but also partially centralized. Making a new decision is

“highly centralized” only the Group Manager, Editor and General Manager has
the authority to implement any decision at any time without reporting to anyone.

April 23, 2010


April 23, 2010


April 23, 2010