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School Grade Level Grade 7

K TO 12
DAILY LESSON LOG Teacher Learning Area Science
Teaching Dates and Time Quarter First/Week 1

I. OBJECTIVES Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

A. Content Standards The learners demonstrate an understanding of scientific ways of acquiring knowledge and solving problems.
B. Performance Standard The learners shall be able to perform in groups the guided investigations involving community based problems using locally available material.
C. Learning Competencies / The learners should be able to describe the components of a scientific investigation.
Write the LC code for each S7MT-Ia-1
 Utilize the scientific  Explain what science is  Name and identify  Identify the  Perform in groups the
process to determine the and how it is related to important equipment used components of an guided investigations
effect of fertilizer on the technology. in a science laboratory. investigatory involving community
Objectives: growth of tomato plants  Explain how science  Describe and demonstrate research.
based problems using
 Identify different and technology may the proper use of given  Describe what fair
variables in an improve or degrade our test mean. locally available materials.
lab equipment.
experiments way of life.  Recognize that the
 Construct and compare design of an
data results and draw investigation should
conclusion from the show fair testing.
result of the investigation

II. CONTENT Doing Scientific Investigations

1. Ways of acquiring knowledge and solving problems
A. References

1. Teacher’s Guide pages

2. Learner’s Material pages
1. Chemistry III Textbook. Mapa, Amelia P., Ph.D., et al. 2001. pp. 7-9. *
3. Textbook pages 2. Science and Technology III: Chemistry Textbook. NISMED. 2012. pp. 3-5.
3. Science and Technology III. NISMED. 1997. pp-14-16.

4. Additional Materials from 1. OHSP Integrated Science I. Quarter 1. Module 1.
Learning Resource (LR) portal
2. BEAM I. Module 2.
B. Other Learning Resources Valdoz, Meliza P., et’al .Science Links - Worktext in Science and Technology (2013) .Rex Book Store. pages 1 – 35


A. Reviewing previous lesson or Ask learners on what they Recall some scientific Review on science technology Laboratory Apparatus Recall steps involved in
presenting the new lesson remember about grade 6 methods and society. investigatory process

B. Establishing a purpose for Ask the learners: Teacher ask the question: Name a hobby or something Ask the learners, how they Ask the learners on how they
the lesson “What is science and what you enjoy doing (sports, solve their problems? cook their food at home? Do
How do you conduct an does it do? cooking, school work, they have some preparatory
investigation? steps before doing it? Do they
carpentry, etc.) What
follow some rules?
equipment or tools are
necessary for you to do this?
List as many as possible.

(5 minutes)

C. Presenting One of the distinct traits that Explain what science is and Science is also something that Tell them that aside from Let the learners try to tell how
examples/instances for the new separate man from animals is what does it do? requires lots of tools and their usual techniques in they prepare a coffee or milk
lesson his/her ability to answer equipment, and you have to solving problem, they can for themselves or for their
questions and solve problems Compare the life during the explore the world and solve family?
know what they are and how
that are present in his/her 19th century and the 20th everyday problems using
environment. The same trait century. they’re used. You are scientific method.
is also contributory factor for constantly observing things
his/her survival and evolution Ask learners about the and measuring things in
through a period of time. recent developments in the science, and the equipment we
How do we solve problems? technology. use makes us more effective.
Today you’ll learn several
different pieces of equipment,
and you’ll describe how
certain things are used.

(5 minutes)

D. Discussing new concepts and Learners Perform Activity 1 Group Activity Group Activity Teacher present the basic Group Activity
practicing new skills # 1 – Growing Tomatoes Using steps involved in the
Nitrogen Fertilizers “Collage Making” different Learners will be asked to investigatory process. Learners design a simple
pictures of positive effect classify the lab apparatus experiment following steps
Ref: Valdoz, Meliza P., et’al of technology in the involved in investigatory
.Science Links - Worktext in society. G1: Measuring Volume process
Science and Technology G2: Measuring Mass
(2013) .Rex Book Store. G3: Measuring temperature (40 minutes)
pages 3 - 6 G4: Lab equipment

E. Discussing new concepts and Group Activity Have an Interactive Lecture Cont….
practicing new skills # 2 . Learners design a simple
“Collage Making” different Expanding the significance experiment following steps
pictures of negative effect of each steps in scientific involved in investigatory
of technology in the process with example. process.
F. Developing mastery Enumerate the steps in Presentation of Collage Learners present the functions Presentation of output.
(Leads to Formative conducting scientific and demonstrate the proper
Assessment 3) investigation. handling of apparatus while
guided by the teacher.
Identify the variables in the
experiments. Integrate some safety rules in
the laboratory.
G. Finding practical Relate scientific process in Cite other examples of Have a game on use and Jingle presentation What is the advantage of using
applications of concepts and solving real life situation. benefits of technology to function of lab apparatus. the scientific process in
skills in daily living the society. “Steps in Scientific Process” solving problem?

H. Making generalizations and Teacher will emphasize the How do science improve Naming and giving the uses of Emphasize the steps in Teacher will give suggestion
abstractions about the lesson utilization of scientific and degrade our way of Laboratory apparatus. scientific process. on how to improve the write
process to determine the life? up if needed.
effect of fertilizer on the Describe what fair test in
growth of tomato plants. investigation and its
I. Evaluating Learning Output will serve as Collage Outputs will serve Prepare a 15 item quiz Prepare a 10 item quiz Write up will serve as
evaluation as evaluation. evaluation

J. Additional activities for 1. Remind students to check Research on laboratory
application for remediation the plants every day and apparatus and their uses.
record all the observation on
the growth of the plants.

2. Bring pictures of positive

and negative effects of
Learners will discuss the
V. REMARKS result of the activity after 10
A. No. of learners who earned
80% in the evaluation.
B. No. of learners who require
additional activities for
remediation who scored below
C. Did the remedial lessons
work? No. of learners who
have caught up with the

D. No. of learners who continue

to require remediation

E. Which of my teaching
strategies worked well? Why
did these work?
F. What difficulties did I
encounter which my principal
or supervisor can help me
G. What innovation or localized
materials did I use/discover
which I wish to share with
other teachers?