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List of Philippine Fathers

Philippine Fathers Andres Bonifacio ("Father of Philippine Revolution", "Father of the Katipunan")

Aquilino "Nene" Pimentel, Jr. ("Father of Philippine Local Autonomy")

Arturo Alcaraz ("Father of Geothermal Development")

Arturo M. Tolentino ("Father of the Philippine Archipelagic Doctrine")

Dr. Augusto D. Litonjua ("Father of Philippine Endocrinology")

Blas Ople ("Father of Overseas Employment")

Carlos Bulosan ("Father of Filipino American Literature")

Carlos P. Garcia ("Father of the Filipino First Policy")

Cecilio Lopez ("Father of Philippine Linguistics")

Chavit Singson ("Father of Edsa Dos")

Claro M. Recto ("Father of the Philippine Constitution")

Crisanto Evangelista ("Father of the Philippine Trade Union Movement")

Diosdado Macapagal ("Father of the Philippine Career Foreign Service Corps")

Eduardo Masferre ("Father of Philippine Photography")

Elpidio Quirino ("Father of Philippine Industry")

Fidel Ramos ("Father of Philippine Democracy","Father of the Philippine Army Special Forces")

Francisco Balagtas ("Father of Tagalog Dialect", "Father of the Tagalog Poem")

Dr. Francisco M. Fronda ("Father of Poultry Science in the Philippines")

Dr. Geminiano T. De Ocampo ("Father of Modern Philippine Ophthalmology")

Gerardo de Leon ("Father of Philippine Cinema")

Dr. Gregorio Singian ("Father of Philippine Surgery")

Henry Sy, Sr. ("Father of Philippine Retailing")

Ildefonso Santos ("Father of Philippine Landscape Architecture")

Isabelo de los Reyes ("Father of Philippine Labor Union Movement", "Father of the Philippine Socialism",
"Father of Ilocano Journalism")

Joey "Pepe" Smith ("Father of Pinoy Rock")

Jose Avelino ("Father of the Philippine Workmen's Compensation Law")

Jose Y. Campos ("Father of the Philippine Pharmaceutical Industry")

Jose Nepumuceno ("Father of Philippine Movies")

Jose Rizal ("Father of Philippine Nationalism", "Father of Modern Tagalog Orthography", "Father of
Philippine Children’s Literature")

Joseph Estrada ("Father of the Masses")

Jovito Salonga ("Father of Philippine Liberalism")

Julian Felipe ("Father of Philippine National Anthem")

Julian Manansala ("Father of the Nationalistic Film")

Dr. Leon Ma. Guerrero ("Father of Philippine Pharmacy")

Lito Molina ("Father of Philippine Jazz")

Macario Adriatico ("Father of Manila City Charter")

Manuel L. Quezon ("Father of Philippine Independence", "Father of the Philippine Republic", "Father of
the Philippine National Language")

Marcelo del Pilar ("Father of Philippine Journalism", "Father of Philippine Masonry")

Napoleon Abueva ("Father of Modern Philippine Sculpture")

Nicanor Abelardo ("Father of Philippine Sonata")

Dr. Pedro Escuro ("Father of the Philippine Rice Breeding Program")

Philip Vera Cruz ("Father of Filipino America")

Dr. Quintin J. Gomez ("Father of Anesthesia in the Philippines")

Remy Amador Presas ("Father of Modern Arnis")

Roberto Verzola ("Father of Philippine Email")

Rodolfo Biazon ("Father of Philippine Housing") Samie Lim ("Father of Philippine Franchising")

Dr. Victor A. Reyes ("Father of Philippine Neurosurgery")

William Torres ("Father of the Philippine Internet")

Source: Maricor Libo-on

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