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but for me, a sibling is a wild baboon from a forest, and as a three-

“Do It Yourself” By: Pimmada, Benz

wattled bellbird that alarms for the whole year once or twice within
seconds. Having a sibling is a ruin to your life’s peace because of
the disobedience he or she will make to disrupt you.
Is there any person in your life who inspired you to do
something or just astonished you with their achievements? For me,
my grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Thiparakwong are the most
influential people I know. Their stories amazed me. They never stop
paying effort to their dreams, as if they were machines until they
achieved their goals together.

My grandparents were both

from a less fortunate family.
They married at the age of 29.
Together they set a goal to open
a company of their own. When
both of them were 30 years old,
my uncle was born. It was hard (Bean sitting on a forklift during our holiday.)
to be a parent that both need to
work at the same time but my Sibling is the word to describe people who have parents in
common and is someone lovable, but I disagree. Since the birth of
grandparents were able to cope
my brother, I couldn’t lie that his appearance is tall, with a mole
with parenting and managing
beneath his nose, young and charming, as an 8 years old child, he
their career. They found usually gets gifts from his female classmates, but within six years he
themselves one million baht became poor in attitude. Bean will act well and tamed with adults,
short when they decided to but alone with me, he’s arrogant and disobedient. My brother would
construct their company. They do anything to frustrate, and disrupt me. What is his attitude toward
refused to borrow money and me? Try to think of a baby monkey who climbs everywhere and
(Mr. Thiparakwong giving bicycles for his employee.)
decided to find always get his mother or siblings frustrated, that could describe who
them on their own. A few months later, it was the Bean acts. Next, you might want to know how I feel at that time, I
time some people were in huge debt. People would say that if I am at the highest peak of the Himalayas, and
would always find a shortcut for something, but scream still it couldn't calm my anger, even my mom sometimes she
always forget about the drawbacks that could could deny that her tolerance is not enough to handle him.
appear. However, my grandparents are not
this kind of peoples. They even encourage me
to be someone who accomplishes by herself,
as well as inspires me to have my own
business in the future. When I grow up, I will
never borrow anyone's money like how my
grandparents did.

At last, I wish that my

grandparent stories will inspire many
people to do something with their own
capabilities and reminds them that a good thing will be earned if
you pay for it.

(Bean posting with his ninth birthday day gift.)
My Brother is a Baboon At last, even though my brother and I appear to dislike each
By: Pimmada, Benz
other, however, both of us love each other so much that we could do
What comes in your mind when you heard the word ‘sibling’? anything to make both of us spend more time together before there
You might think of a person who’s born by the same parents like you, will no longer be a chance, and that’s why my brother always annoys
and frustrate me.
Terrifying Incident South Korea’s 2011 Law
By: Pimmada, Benz
By: Pimmada, Benz
Imagine how depressed or stressed must you be for you to
Car accidents or “traffic collision” is one of the ways people desire to end your life by committing suicide. Some countries, for
can die from it. While car accident occurs the resulted from the example, South Korea become one of the countries with the
crash could either be property damage, severe injuries, or death. highest rate of suicide death. How did they control the situation?
Some people died from car accidents and other who lucky to South Korea establish a law which gave 15 percent decrease of
survive but in exchange, their properties are damaged and they the suicide rate in its country.
might have an injury.

(Lifted online, a person wanting to jump of a building.)

(Lifted online, car accident.)
In 2010, South Korea was at the10th rank as the country
On May 21, 2018, I described myself as the luckiest with the highest suicide rate from 33 per 100,000 people,
person, who survived from this terrifying car crash. On noon that demonstrating how depressed and stressed South Korea’s
day, I was eating at Khao Yai’s famous restaurant with my family countries population faces in the society and within the family
including my younger brother, my mom, and dad. We were chatting resulting from problems about media, family, economy, education,
about how delicious the meal was, but halfway from finishing my mental illness, and public image. But how did South Korea’s
meal, I start to feel terrible and my mom realized it from my face government apply to decline the increasing rate of people
and asked me what happen. I remembered I told her, I that I’m committing suicide? According to the article written by Rachel
afraid for no reason and it felt like my instinct was warning me Premack, South Korea established a law in 2011 which helped
about something. We continued to finish the meal, paid for it, and decrease the suicide rate by 15 percent. In South Korea, an
while my dad was driving us down the mountain, along with estimate of 20 percent of Korean people who committed suicide
another car, a MiniCooper sped up and went in front of my family’s attempted to use paraquat (PQ) a highly toxic weed killer clarified
car. We drove like this for a while, until the MiniCooper stopped that could be bought generally at any shops or supermarket, to
with no lights on as a warning, and my family’s car was just about poison their body to death. Rachel Premack claimed in an article
four meters behind, with a speed of 90 kilometers per hour. We that the banning of paraquat was recorded as the main key in the
didn’t know why the car ahead of us suddenly stopped, but we fall of suicide rates, in which the banning began in 2011 and totally
noticed that we crashed the car. As the car stopped, I immediately banned its sale in 2012. In the gap of time from 2011 to 2015, the
looked for my dad. He’s fine, then looked back seats for my mom diminishing of 15 percent of the suicide rate was showed by 2017
and my brother who was found in my mom’s arms, with a pale skin, World Health Organization Report. In 2015, the suicide rate was
and bleeding on his forehead but turned out the wound was not big 28.3 per 100,000 referring from WHO report, which points of a drop
and skin turned pale because of the fear. All after, we were all fine. of 5 people per 100,000.

I read some As a country, Rachel Premack

news on car accidents remarked in the article that South
because of the Korea planned to achieve by 2020
negligence of the Thais only 20 of death per 100,000. How
while driving, and luck about your country’s government do
is not always with they have any plans in decreasing
everyone. I want to warn suicide?
people who drive that (Lifted online, child crying.)
some careless actions All pictures found in this page are lifted from the following websites:
(Lifted online, inflated airbags.) might kill people.


Thailand Should Permit
the Cloning of
Endangered Species
By: Pimmada, Benz

In Thailand, some species of organisms were threatened (Lifted online, Pangolin)

by human activities, and the further their population shrinks the
highly it has a risk to become an endangered species. Some from human activities. Those human activities that lead to the
people debated that Thailand should permit the cloning of death of the endangered animals happen against the law and
endangered species before the species comes to an end. Thailand’s government had not made any actions to eliminate
Should cloning endangered animals be forbidden in Thailand? the issue. Apart from Thailand, scientists developed
In my opinion, I strongly believe that the cloning of endangered experiments in cloning the living animals and collected some
species should be allowed in Thailand because cloning information from the test, besides they discovered new things
endangered species provides balance to the environment it within the experiment and made an improvement in each
lives in and gives human medical researches and studies. experiment (n.d.). For example, on the27th of January 2018,
NewScientist0 reported in an article about the discovery that
cloning could help in treating cancer (27 January 2018). From
my perspective, cloning would not only help the endangered
species to survive the threatening but also give Thailand a
chance in improving medical and anatomically knowledge from
cloning instead of borrowing knowledge from other countries.

(Lifted online, Fishing cats)

One advantage of cloning endangered species is that it

provides balance to the environment. Every species has its own
role in an ecosystem, as well as endangered species. According
to Hearst Seattle Media (2018) and James Board’s (August 2,
2016) article, it points out that if one species in a food web
extinct there is a high chance that the ecosystem will collapse.
The Pyrenean ibex, an extinct species caused a decreased of
the predators resulting in the failure of the ecosystem (April 12,
2017). Analyzing from the ecosystem’s fall, the extinction of
the Pyrenean ibex proved that the absence of a species could
lead to a collapse of the ecosystem. From this, I think that if the
extinction of human beings will have an effect on it as well. (Lifted online, Wild Guar)
When the effect happens to an ecosystem cloning will be
another option to prevent the extinction of the animals and help In conclusion, I would like to encourage cloning
maintain an environment's stability too. endangered species to be permitted in Thailand. At first,
cloning of the species will help scientists to discover facts
Another benefit the cloning of endangered species is about cloning and improve their medical studies. Second,
that it provides human being medical researches. Thailand’s scientists would also help prevent the collapse of the food web
endangered species were under the Wildlife Preservation and affecting from the extinction, furthermore preventing is easier
Protection Act declared by King Bhumibol Adulyadej. This law to do in action than solving. Beyond the reasons given, the
gave the endangered species protection from actions that studies made from cloning species would support children who
could harm either physically or mentally (19th February 1992). desire to protect endangered species as well.
In addition, the law also prevented scientists to make any All pictures found in this page are lifted online from
experiment on the preserved animals. When scientist couldn't /en/blog/amazing-wildlife-encounters-6-places-spot-endangered-animals-thailand
make an action on the protected animals, they continuously die