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Rajasthan Technical University (ATU) Kota

“Collaborative Research and Innovation Scheme (CRS)”

In compliance of the directions from NPIU, MHRD, Delhi, proposals are invited to promote
promising collaborative research projects among faculty from public and private institutions
affiliated to Rajasthan Technical University, Kota/ BTU, Bikaner.

1. Objectives:

1.1 To motivate the faculty for collaborative research among both public and private ATU
1.2 Building research communities,
1.3 Collaboration and networking among different institution,
1.4 Enhancement in research output, and
1.5 Sharing and spread of knowledge and skill through multiple institutions.

2. Implementation Mechanism:

2.1 Proposals in the prescribed format from departments of affiliating institutes shall be
submitted to RTU Kota. Amount of funding per research project shall not exceed 3.0
2.2 The scheme shall be declared by RTU on its web portal. The announcement shall also be
informed through official email to affiliating institutes.
2.3 The scheme shall be implemented for one year (July 2019 to June 2020) and shall end by
the conclusion of TEQIP-III. An extension may be considered till September 2020, on
the recommendation of the expert committee, as per the prevailing rules of NPIU,
2.4 The activities necessary for research and innovation, except international travel and
purchase of equipment, may be supported under the scheme.

3. Eligibility

3.1 The proposal should be submitted by a group of faculties (PI & Co-PIs) from RTU/BTU
affiliating institutions (at least 2 institutions).
3.2 The group shall consist of at least two faculties from the following.
(i) One Principal Investigator (PI) should be a regular faculty from RTU/BTU affiliating
(ii) For institute collaboration, One Co-PI should be either from state funded Government
Engineering Colleges of Rajasthan or RTU mentor institute JNTU, Hyderabad.
(iii) (Optional) one more Co-PI may be chosen from IIT / NIT / IIIT / NIRF ranked
institution/ any abroad institute of repute.
3.3 The institute of PI shall be termed as HOST INSTITUTION (as mentioned in 3.2 (i)
3.4 The institute cannot become host if no regular faculty available for PI.
3.5 Host institute shall be termed as lead institution and others will be network institutions.

4. Format of Proposal

4.1 The collaborative research proposals are expected to be related to issues on social /
industrial problems related to Energy; Environment, Climate Change & Sustainable
Habitat; Healthcare; ICT; Materials (advanced); Nanotechnology; Hardware;
Rajasthan Technical University (ATU) Kota
“Collaborative Research and Innovation Scheme (CRS)”

Manufacturing; Security & Defence; and Water Resources so as to guide the program to
focused research in the thrust areas.
4.2 The application form will include objective, research status at national and international
level, methodology, component of funding, expected outcome etc.
4.3 No international travel is permissible. The maximum admissible expenditure on domestic
travel will be 15% of the project cost. It may include travel and accommodation of PI
and Co-PIs and any experts invited for the research project.
4.4 The proposal should be endorsed by the head of institution in which the PI and Co-PI
works. The certificate to that effect should be attached with application form.
4.5 The expertise needed for preparation or implementation of the project shall be provided
by RTU faculty/JNTU Hyderabad faculty during the research wherever there are
4.6 Maximum two proposals may be submitted form one department of lead institution. Host
institutes are expected to short list and forward the most deserving proposals.

5. Invitation, Scrutiny & Review

5.1 RTU approved committee will review the proposals received, as per the prevailing NPIU
procedures through the team of experts and select the proposal along with the funding
5.2 RTU will also conduct quarterly review on the progress through experts, preferably
through same experts, who have approved the proposal, as per laid down procedure.
5.3 RTU will communicate the acceptance of the proposal along with the approved budget to
NPIU for approval. Also, the progress on quarterly review and further release of funds
shall be provided by RTU from time to time as per the timeline.
5.4 Priority in grant / award will be given to projects connected with:
(i) Upliftment of technical skills among undergraduate students
(ii) Societal causes/ current social issues of concern
(iii) Research and development that will help in addressing the issues related to students
in RTU affiliating institutes in the state of Rajasthan.

6. Release of funds & monitoring

6.1 RTU shall submit the list of approved projects along with approved budget to NPIU/SPIU
for necessary approval.
6.2 First instalment of 25% of approved project cost will be transferred to lead institution
(through PMFS) as an advance after approval and complying formalities of fund release
(account details and bank mandate).
6.3 The funding shall be provided to host institution. All disbursement of funds and clearance
of financial bills shall be done by the Coordinator TEQIP III RTU (ATU) as per laid
down procedure of finance/accounts department of Govt. of Rajasthan/ RTU Kota. The
host institution shall submit utilization (jointly signed by PI & Head of Institution) on
quarterly basis and final utilization by 30 June 2020.
6.4 Host institute has to open a separate account for the transaction related to research
expenditure on the proposal.
6.5 Next release shall be based on the outcomes as per the time line and the requirement after
submitting utilization certificate (mentioning amount received, spent and balance).
Rajasthan Technical University (ATU) Kota
“Collaborative Research and Innovation Scheme (CRS)”

7. Expected Outcome

7.1 Joint research project by ATU institutions to promote knowledge transfer from well
performing institute.
7.2 Produce educational and research contents in the form of jointly authored publication,
book chapters, research monographs, patents, demonstrable technologies and action-
oriented research outcomes and product and dissemination in teaching in multiple
8. Timeline

S. No. Activity Date

1. Opening of Proposal Submission 04 May 2019
2. Closing date of Proposal submission 25 May 2019
3. Scrutiny of Proposal by RTU expert team 27-31 May 2019
4. Announcement of project approval & project starts 04 June 2019
5. Release of Funds by RTU (As per NPIU rules) 14 June 2019

9. Contact
For further details or query, please contact TEQIP III RTU (ATU) office.
Email:; Phone: (744) 2473060

Hard copy of research proposal should be sent to:

Office of Coordinator TEQIP–III RTU(ATU), VC Secretariat, Rajasthan Technical
University, Rawatbhata Road, Akelgarh, Kota-324010

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