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(Formerly Lyceum Institute of Technology)

Km. 54 National Highway, Makiling, Calamba Laguna


Cerrudo, Ellexis M.
Cuasay, John Cosme G.
Exconde, Bernadette M.
Garcia, Jem F.
Malabanan, Carlitos C.
Montero, Justine H.
Romano, Rachel R.
Romero, Ariel M.

May 31, 2019


A. Title of the Project:


B. Proponents:
Jem Garcia
Ariel Romero

C. Implementing College/Unit:
First year BS Civil Engineering Students of LPU-Laguna

D. Project Site:
Tulo Elementary School

E. Project Duration:
June 1, 2019 7am-12pm

F. Total Project Cost:

P14, 657.00

G. Brief executive summary:

A reading program project to the Grade 1 elementary students of Tulo Elementary School


Learning how to read is important. We believe that it is a must so that we can survive and
function in today’s generation and society. There are some people who cannot read well enough
to understand road signs or read instructions. Even filling out an application form seems impossible
without asking for help. Reading is also a vital skill in finding a good job. Many well-paying jobs
require reading as part of job performance. People who cannot read that well were rejected and
ended up being stationed on low-paying jobs or worse, not get any job at all. Reading can also
develop the mind and imagination of a person.

By reading, we get to exercise our mind. Learning how to read makes a person develop
their language skills and helps them learn how to listen. Remember that a good reader is also a
good listener. Reading also lets us acquire new knowledge. Becoming knowledgeable on different
things boosts your advantage when seeking job opportunities and applying for different jobs in the
future. We live in the age where information is overflowing, very accessible and almost
everywhere, and reading is the best way to take advantage of it. Reading is the foundation of every
individual. We right now are the result of what we have read or what we have heard so put that in
our minds.

The summer is almost over and most of the public schools had just started their classes.
Our group did our research on some public schools near LPU-Laguna and found out that most of
these schools host a large amount of students especially elementary students which numbered
around 150-200 students per year level. We also found out that these schools are lacking facilities
and teachers, which is why shifts in classes were common. With the exceeding amount of students
and lack of teachers, we can conclude that these students were not given the enough attention and
teaching that they require in order to fully learn everything that they need to learn, and learning
how to read is one of its important components.

Thus, we decided that our project would be a reading program. This project aims to help
elementary students develop their reading skills and provide them reading materials to further
practice their reading skills individually. We first year BSCE students of LPU-Laguna will handle
and teach these students how to read one-on-one so we can be sure about their progress and that
these students will learn properly. We chose Tulo Elementary School because we found out that
this school had the most elementary students around Makiling, Calamba area and is also lacking
of teachers to teach their students.

Our group firmly believes that reading is important and is a necessity for everyone so we
want to share some our knowledge and time to our fellow students who needs help so that they can
continue to pursue their dreams. We believe that this project can help produce more successful
individuals in the future and provide a better life for them. If this project would be granted to us,
we promise you that we will do our very best to accomplish these tasks and provide a fruitful

This project was designed and developed to provide reading materials for the students. This
project would help the schools to have a lot of reading materials, and for the students to enhance
their reading skills. This aims to solve the minor problem in lack of reading materials in the
schools. The developers have to come up with a solution to make the students learning process
easily. This will serve as a benefit to the students and teachers at the same time.

The fundamental reason for this project proposal is that major challenges with the lack of books
and reading materials in schools. The students will have a great time in reading with the new books
and it will be easy for them to learn and enhance their skills in reading. If the students want to read
books there will no hesitations at all because they have enough amount of books to look for.
Reading is one of the important things that the student should learn because it is one way to the
future of each individual.

The developers chose this proposal because it aims to help elementary students to enhance
their reading skills and provide them reading materials to practice their reading skills individually.
Reading can exercise our mind, and can make us think critically. This will help the student also to
enhance their reading proficiency, language skills and communication skills.

The developers planned something not just by giving books or reading materials but also a
simple program for the students. First is to assess the reading knowledge of the students by doing
a quiz. Next one is the developers will teach the students to read especially stories, tales, and the
likes. The developers also have prepared games for the students to not get bored, also giving foods
or snacks to the students.

The developers will be able to develop their teaching skills with regards to help the knowledge
and skills of the students. Giving books and reading materials will uplift the reading skills of the
students which will give an effect to a better performance of the students. This will boost the
standard of the school on promoting high quality education. This also proves the competitiveness
of the students in the academic excellence.

The project that we propose intends to share and impart knowledge to the children who have a
hard time reading, or have problems involving their skills in reading. Our group members will
tutor the students from Tulo Elementary School, so that these children can slowly have proficient
reading skills. These reading skills include correctly reading words and sentences, grammar,
pronunciation, and mastery in faster reading sentences. These abilities are significant to the
students, since these abilities will help them enhance their studying and learning skills.

Our method of project implementation involves four steps: assessment of students, reading
buddies proper, food and games, and book giving. For the first step, we conduct an assessment of
all the students, in order for us to know their strengths and weaknesses in reading. Then, according
to their skills, we group them into two groups: the beginner group, and advanced group. This
enables us to know how to accommodate and teach each student regarding their area of reading

Next, for the reading buddies proper, one member of our group will be assigned to teach/tutor
one student. However, if there are more students than there are volunteers, two students can be
taught together by one volunteer. Having a more personal way of teaching gives the students an
opportunity to fully develop their fluency, and enables them to concentrate on the reading activities
to be given to them. Furthermore, it promotes a better self-esteem, because they can accomplish
their learning without comparison to other students.

After the reading buddies proper, we will provide food for the students who participated in our
project. Games will also be conducted, to improve the competitive skills of the students. The games
would incorporate some reading skills, so that the children can apply what they just learned.

Lastly, we give books to the students, in order for them to practice their reading abilities at
home or in their school. Practicing is a key factor to improvement and success, so it is important
that they use their new knowledge. The books will serve as an access for the children to practice
their new abilities.

The students of Tulo Elementary School can gain new knowledge from our project, which is
fundamental for their growth and success. Our project can also be a guide for these students to
continue the mission of the project, and educate other children about the basics of reading.

In proposing this project, we have made objectives from the problem that we have seen. To
further fulfil the purpose of this proposal, we have thought of a short-term and long-term purpose
of this proposal to the students of Tulo Elementary School.

Short Term:

1. To help those students who lack reading skills improve in terms of reading and develop
their language skills.
2. To provide them the attention they need to be able to learn, as their school also lacks
teachers who will provide them sufficient knowledge, most especially in terms of reading.

Long Term:

1. To enable those students have the capability on applying to a job when the time comes
because reading is an essential need in finding a job.
2. To help those students acquire knowledge that they can surely get from reading so that they
can have advantage from it when it comes to seeking opportunities in the future.
3. To be able to learn from everything that they are reading, most especially in facing the
challenges of today’s generation.


This proposal will redound to the benefit of society considering that reading plays an important
role in different aspects today. The greater demand for all children who have not enough
knowledge in reading background justifies the need for more effective and life-changing teaching
approaches especially to the Grade 1 students. Thus, schools that apply the recommended approach
derived from the result of this proposal will be able to train students better. The group will teach
them to read and to give books just to add knowledge than using social media. Grade 1 students
are chosen because they are the students that needs a guidance to help their reading skills and
ability. By one on one teaching, this will help them to learn and to improve more their skills in


An overall assessment of the reading and language proficiency of the students will be made so
that our group would know what mode of discussion and reading programs will be implemented
along the event. Students will be grouped according to their assessment and would be taught one-
on-one by our group members and volunteers. There would be two groups that will divide the
students: the beginner and the advanced students. The students belonging to the beginner category
would be taught beginner reading and language skills like basic word pronunciations and
grammars, while the students in the advanced category would be taught more complex reading and
language skills. We believe that all students have their own pacing in reading and language
proficiency that is why we decided to group them. With this, we believe that we can further guide
them so they can learn more according to their standards.


After the assessment, BS Civil Engineering students will take one or even two students
(depending on the number of volunteers) to teach them the basics of reading and word
pronunciations so that they can be knowledgeable on each aspects. The reading buddies program
promotes free learning of the English language to students so that their potential will be developed
and their life would become easier throughout their following years of study. They could acquire
different and new knowledge that they can use in the future. We believe that every children has
the right to learn and study and the most important way to acquire knowledge is to learn how to


After the reading buddies program, free food would be given by our group to give thanks to
the students who participated in the event and to ease their hunger after their hard work. Games
would also be hosted to enhance the competitive skills of these students and prizes would be given
to these students so that we can motivate them to work harder so that they can achieve their goals.


After the food and games, there would be a book-giving program so that the students can still
practice reading after the event. We believe that daily practice is the real key to learning that is
why it is important for them to have a book to read. They can also exchange their books with their
fellow classmates after reading so that they can learn different stories and acquire new and different
knowledge. These books would be either donated by our team or would be bought using the funds
we would raise.

Overall, we think that this program is both fun and helpful to the students that we would teach
and that can also be applied for us Lyceans. Not only can we have the chance to teach and impart
our knowledge to these children but we can also be proud of ourselves about the achievement we
had made.


6:30-7:00am Assembly at LPU-Laguna

7:00-7:30am Opening Program

7:30-8:00am Reading Assessment of students/ children

8:00-10:00am Reading buddies

10:00:10:30am Distribution of food

10:30-11:30am Games

Distribution of Reading materials and story books

Closing Program

Total Amount
Activities Quantity Unit Cost in Peso Frequency
Books that will Give to
1 15.00 200 3,000.00
the children.
Transportation Fee 2 8.00 200 2,800.00
Food 2 7.50 400 6,000.00
2 Speakers and 1 Mic 1 500.00 2 1,000.00

Chalk 10 15.00 1 150.00

Manila Paper 5 7.00 5 175.00

Marker 4 45.00 5 900.00

Double Sided Tape 5 18.00 5 450.00

Colored Paper 40 1.0 5 200.00
Total Amount 14,675.00

These are the breakdown of expenses for our project:

1. The books that will be given to the kids will cost 15 pesos each but will depend on the
amount of books that will be collected from donations.
2. The transportation will cost around 2,800 pesos because 200 students of BS Civil
Engineering travel to Tulo Elementary school to participate to the project.
3. The food will cost around 6,000 pesos. As you can see, the food has the highest amount
and frequency. The reason why this is the highest because of the 200 students in Tulo
elementary school and also the 200 participants from engineering. All of us need to eat of
4. We will rent 2 speakers and a mic so the price would only be 500 pesos which is not too
5. We will provide 10 box of chalk and each box is 15 pesos which costs 150 pesos.
6. Manila paper will cost 7 pesos each. We used it for the visual aids.
7. Markers will cost 45 pesos each and 900 pesos in total because we divided the 200 students
into 5 sections and each section will be provided 4 pieces of marker.
8. We will provide 5 pieces of double sided tape per section which will cost 18 pesos each.
9. We will provide 40 pieces of colored paper per section which will cost 200 pesos in total.