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Abnormal Psychology Project

Purpose: The purpose of this project is for you to teach the class what you have learned about a
psychological disorder. You will get to pick your groups (no more than 3), have three weeks of computer
time, and present to the class at the end of the month. Attendance is EXTREMELY important for both you
and your partner, and will count towards your final project grade. Each part of the project will be due at
different dates. There are three parts to the project- brochure, PowerPoint presentation and distorted fairy

Step 1: Choose group and psychological disorder.

Step 2: Create Brochure
Step 3: Create Presentation
Step 4: Create Fairy Tale
Step 5: Presentation of brochures and PowerPoint’s
Step 6: Fairy tale assessment

Part I: Brochure- 50 points

Goal: Your assignment is to create an original brochure on your disorder, much like something you would see at
a doctor’s office, hospital or health center.
 Use Microsoft Publisher to create a professional, double-sided, folding brochure.
 Please make it interesting, creative and catchy.
 Remember, you want people to pick this up at the doctor’s office when they see it.

You may create quotes for “characters” in your brochure.

 For example, “I was so sad that I couldn’t get out of bed for days. I had no appetite, and I slept all day.”
Shannon, age 35

Your brochure must include the following:

• What is the disorder? Is there a history that goes with it (may not have a history)?
• What are the causes of the disorder?
• What are the symptoms? What warning signs are obvious?
• What is the treatment?
• Is there anything interesting relating to this disorder (famous people with disorder, current theorists,
weird treatments, etc.).
• Is there anything new in the field?
• Photos depicting the disorder and enhancing the overall look of the brochure

Your brochure must:

1) Be easy to read and understand- complete sentences and no grammatical errors.
2) Include at least 3 sources and a bibliography in APA style.
3) Include the name of your disorder, the period, and ALL of the group member names on the title
4) Be thorough and include a significant amount of information on your disorder.

Due: April 7th

Turning in requirements:
 Send to Mrs. Long via email AND print out the brochure.
Part II: PowerPoint Presentation-100 points

Due: April 23rd

Turning in requirements:
 Send to Mrs. Long via email AND bring to class.

Goal: You need to create a visual aid to use in your class presentation. You are to reference the brochure
as you present so that students can follow along as they read their brochures.

Purpose: The purpose of this project is for you to teach what you have learned about your disorder in a
PowerPoint presentation. This should be in-depth and be 5 – 7 minutes long. You can include discussion
questions or short activities to get everyone else involved.

Please take note of the following:

1. Your PowerPoint presentation should be accurate and complete, without being too long. Limit yourself
to no more than 10 slides. Use bullets, not long text. Explain from your notes and the bullets – we
will take notes and follow the brochure provided!

2. Slides should be attractive, creative, easy to read, and interesting. All text should be your own words,
not copied and pasted.

3. Your presentation should answer the following questions:

a. What is the disorder? Is there a history that goes with it (may not have a history)?
b. What are the causes of the disorder?
c. What are the symptoms? What warning signs are obvious?
d. What is the treatment?
e. Is there anything interesting relating to this disorder (famous people with disorder, current
theorists, weird treatments, etc.).
f. Is there anything new in the field?

4. This should be a scholarly pursuit of knowledge. You need at least three (3) sources other
than your book, and not Wikipedia. Multiple selections from one source is only once
Source. Turn in your working papers and all notes on the day you present.

5. A reference page should be attached to your working papers. Use APA format.

6. If you show a video clip it must be approved by me first, and have no objectionable scenes or language.

7. You will have class computer time on the attached calendar. Please pay attention to where we meet; we
switch many times.

8. You will be evaluating each other’s presentations for a grade as well as presenting your own. Please be
present to work on your project and to assess each other’s.
Part III: Fractured Fairy Tales 50 points

You are going to rewrite a common fairy tale giving the main character(s) your disorder.
1) Choose a fairy tale you are familiar with (refer to the list provided). Two groups may not use the
same story (first come, first serve).
2) Using your researched knowledge of the disorder, rewrite the story, as it would be if the main
character had that disorder.
3) Stories should NOT name the disorder, but should describe it within the story. (i.e. Rapunzel has
been hearing voices telling her that if she cuts off her hair, she will turn into an airplane and will
be able to escape the castle.)
4) Type the finished story and include all group members’ names on the top of the page.
5) Should be at least 3 paragraphs, 5 sentences each- Should have a beginning, middle and end.
6) Be prepared to discuss your character(s) and their disorder.
7) An emailed and printed copy should be provided on the due date.

Due: April 23rd

Turning in requirements:
Send to Mrs. Long via email AND print out the fairy tale.

Part V: Fairy Tale Assessment- Points TBD

After all presentations are complete, students will read the fairy tales. Using the knowledge gained from
the presentations, the other students in the class will be asked to diagnose what disorder the characters

Finally, while we may have fun with these disorders, please remember that they are a form of personal suffering
for those with the disorder and those who live with them and love them. Be respectful, and please do not do
anything that may offend someone who has the disorder or knows someone who does.

Break down of Points for Project:

 Brochure: 50 points
 Power Point Presentation: 100 points
 Fractured Fairy Tale: 50 points
 Group participation and attendance: 50 points
 Final Fairy Tale Assessment: TBD
Disorder List (organized by category and subcategories), students choose one of the subcategories.

1. Psychotic Disorder – difficulty recognizing reality

a. Schizophrenia

2. Mood Disorders – disturbances of emotions

a. Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)
b. Depressive Disorder
c. Bipolar Disorder

3. Anxiety Disorder – unexplained feelings of apprehensions and tenseness

a. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
b. Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
c. Panic Disorder
d. Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)
e. Agoraphobia
f. Social Phobia (or Social anxiety disorder)

4. Dissociative Disorder – person’s sense of self separates from the individual’s memories, thoughts
or feelings
a. Dissociative Identity Disorder
b. Dissociate amnesia
c. Dissociate fugue

5. Somatoform Disorder – physical problems occur for psychological reasons.

a. Hypochondriasis
b. Conversion Disorder
c. Somatization

6. Personality Disorder – unpleasant and peculiar personality patterns

a. Antisocial Personality Disorder
b. Borderline Personality Disorder

Fairy Tale List

Rapunzel Goldilocks Swan Princess
Chicken Little The Lion and the Mouse Little Red Riding Hood
Snow White The Tortoise and the The Boy who Cried Wolf
Peter Pan Hare The Emperors New Clothes
Gingerbread Man Rumplestilskin King Midas
Aladdin Cinderella Stinky Cheese Man
Beauty and the Beast Three Little Pigs The Ant and the
Princess and the Pea Little Mermaid Grasshopper
The Frog Prince Hansel and Gretel The Lion in Love
Tom Thumb Jack and the Beanstalk The Miser and His Gold
Thumbelina Ugly Duckling Country Mouse/City Mouse
Project Expectations, Calendar and due Dates

Expectations and Rules

- Bring a jump drive or save to your “H” file.
- DO NOT save to individual computers.
- Save often (every 20 minutes).
- Email a copy of the project to yourself every so often and group members.
- Only look at appropriate websites.

Citing, websites and bibliography

- No Wikipedia, or copy and pasting.
- You must include a bibliography page with 3 sources in APA style.

Working in groups:
- I should not see ANYONE using social media or phones for uses other than looking
up information.
- Each person within the group is expected to be working with the group- how you
delegate tasks is up to you, but I should not see anyone JUST SITTING THERE!
- You are expected to show up to class and help your group at least 90% of the time. I
will be taking attendance each day- this will be a significant part of your individual

Class Time:
- Use you time wisely. I have given you MORE than enough time to complete the
project in the computer lab.
- If you find that you are behind in your work, you are expected to use your own
personal time to make up for it.

Class Calendar- see back