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1. Parties agree that the Service Fee for the Repair of CUSTOMER’s motor vehicle
particularly described below, amounts to One Hundred Seventy Thousand Pesos

Make: HONDA Engine No.: L15Z15401748

Series: CITY Chassis No.: PADGM6630JV413465
Body Type: SEDAN CS No.: DV-7188
Registered owner: Patricia Ann M. Cruz

2. Parties further agree that the Service Fee includes “Labor and Materials” and
“Parts of the Motor Vehicle” that need replacement and repair as indicated in the Repair Estimate
dated 01 October 2018.

3. BRUCE CAR REPAIR SHOP, through its General Manager, Mr. Paolo Cipriano,
warrants that the following parts of the above-referenced motor vehicle that need replacement due
to its damage from collision on 26 September 2018, are the following: (i) Intake Manifold; (ii)
Timing Chain Cover; (iii) Engine Support; (iv) RH Fender; (v) Water Reservoir; (vi) Grille Upper;
(vii) Grille Lower; and (viii) Engine Support.

4. BRUCE CAR REPAIR SHOP further warrants that the parts of the motor vehicle,
as enumerated in the Repair Estimate dated 01 October 2018, will be purchased from Honda Cars
Pasig, by CUSTOMER as of the date of execution of this Agreement. Nonetheless, BRUCE CAR
REPAIR SHOP, through Mr. Cipriano, will purchase said parts from Honda Cars Pasig, on behalf
of CUSTOMER, as part of its services.

Accordingly, CUSTOMER will pay Honda Cars Pasig through deposit to the latter’s bank
account, which is particularly described as follows:

Account Name:
Account Number:

5. BRUCE CAR REPAIR SHOP, through Mr. Cipriano, will hand over the Official
Receipt to CUSTOMER covering the purchase of the foregoing parts within five (5) days from the
sale. All costs for the transmittal of the O.R. to CUSTOMER by BRUCE CAR REPAIR SHOP
may be shouldered by CUSTOMER.

6. Parties agree that CUSTOMER will pay 60% of the Service Fee upon signing of
the Repair Estimate dated 01 October 2018 and this Supplemental Agreement, and 40% of the
Service Fee upon completion of the repair.

7. BRUCE CAR REPAIRS SHOP hereby warrants that the repair of the above-
described motor vehicle will be completed on or before 04 November 2018.
8. Parties agree that this Supplemental Agreement supersedes all proposals or prior
agreements, oral or written, and all other communications between the parties relating to the
subject matter of this Agreement.


By: Paolo Cipriano CUSTOMER