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Welcome to the first issue!

by Cameron Wolf, Marketing Specialist SHOULD KNOW:

Thank you for reading our very first company newsletter! This DOTM - Page 2
newsletter will be a monthly publication with the intent of Sweet Expansion - 2/3
spreading company news, drivers of the month, driver updates and Modernization - 4
much more!
This newsletter will be sent out on or before the first of each month Contest - 5
via email, so make sure to check your inbox for it. Weight Loss - 6
If you have information you'd like to share with the company, feel
Anniversaries - 7
free to send it to For more
information, see page 8.

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Sweet Express
Larsen Trucking
by Brandon Schreur - Daily News
DAILY NEWS - Back in 2003,
two brothers started a
transportation company in
Grand Rapids with only one
truck to their name.

Sweet Express LLC, which is

based out of Grand Rapids,
recently purchased Larsen
Trucking Inc. in Greenville.
With the acquisition of Larsen
Trucking, Sweet Express will
obtain 75 new trucks and 105

Drivers of the Month - April trailers.

Fast forward to 2019 and that

Congratulations to these drivers -- outstanding!
company, Sweet Express LLC,
The time has come to announce the drivers of the month for the now has hundreds of trucks and
month of April. Please help us in congratulating both Joseph trailers — and, following a
D'Amico, and Larry Myas! recent purchase of Larsen
Trucking Inc. in Greenville, will
Joseph D'Amico ran a total of 16,274 miles, truly spot-on and truly soon have even more.
outstanding on his way to 1st place for the month! Great job Joseph.
Larry Myas ran a total of 15,479 miles on his way to second place
for the month! Rumor has it that if he only has 12k miles in a
month, he took a week off! Awesome job guys.

You can win this coveted award too! In the past, drivers who excel
and win are drivers that typcially average 14k+ per month. Besides
a certificate on the wall in our headquarters and a shout out in our
news letter, drivers will also win a prize courtesy of Sweet Express.

We truly value what you all do for the company. Without you, we
are nothing.

Tip of the month:

Think outside
Think outside of
of the

Page 2
Sweet Express Mark Bignell of Greenville has been working with
Larsen Trucking for just over a year before the

purchases Larsen Sweet Express purchase. Bignell told the Daily

News he was optimistic about the direction his

Trucking (cont.) company is headed.

by Brandon Schreur - Daily News “I have noticed several positive changes, and I feel
very hopeful,” Bignell said. “They’re walking us
On April 30, Sweet Express — a West Michigan
through the (day-to-day) operational changes and
based company focused on providing employment
getting us accustomed to it.”
for local and non-local drivers — announced they
would be acquiring Greenville-based Larsen
Sales says the ultimate goal for Sweet Express is to
Trucking Inc.
obtain more than 400 trucks total by the end of the
“Larsen Trucking has sold to Sweet Express and
will be operating under Sweet Express/Omni
“We have about 350 units and 700 trailers as is, so
Transportation effective immediately,” stated a
we see it as a very high possibility,” he said. “The
message sent out to Larsen Trucking drivers. “As
biggest excitement around here is starting to get
far as operations go, everything you do will
towards the other areas of the state … We’re also in
continue to be the same.”
the process of expanding in Flint, so we’re hoping
to bring in and hire more people out of the east,
Venad Sales, general manager of Sweet Express,
west and northern parts of Michigan.”
said the purchase of Larsen Trucking marks an
exciting time for both companies.
The former Larsen Trucking/Sweet Express
Greenville headquarters is located at 5688 S.
“One of the reasons we were interested in Larsen is
Vining Road.
because of expansion,” Sales said. “Larsen
Trucking was about the right size that would fit our
To learn more about the company or the careers it
need for growth in where we wanted our company
offers, visit online.
to go. The owner of Larsen has known the owner of
Sweet Express for a long time. I believe that
Larsen’s owner expressed interest in some different
venues and transportation was not one of them,
which is where we came into play.

“Our plan is to keep running things the way that

they were run out of Greenville. We want our
drivers to feel comfortable and like things aren’t
really changing for them. Since we’re combining
Sweet Express and Larsen Trucking’s databases
together, it also gives drivers more opportunities to
drive freights and loads for a larger database.”

In total, Sales says there are 51 drivers, 75 truck

units and 105 trailers that Sweet Express acquired
when taking over Larsen Trucking.

“The two companies fit together really well,” Sales

explained. “Larsen Trucking is a regular commodity
Think outside of the box.
industry, which is what we service also. We plan to
retain all drivers, make them feel right at home and
continue providing quality service.”

Page 3
Office Makes Push Accounting - 8 people - 75%
Recruiting - 4 people - 75%

for Modern Safety - 8 people - 75%

No department - 3 people - 67%

Communication Trailers - 1 person - 0%

by Cameron Wolf - Marketing Specialist Shout out to all the 100% 'ers, especially operations!
34 out of 34 people signed up. Not bad!
With the theme of ever-growing expansion, Express
companies faced a dilemma that most companies
could only dream to have: "How do we get our new
office mates in front of each other, in
multiple locations, at the same time?" Enter
Employee of the
Facebook Workplace. Month - April
Workplace is a platform almost identical to by Cameron Wolf - Marketing Specialist
Facebook in the sense that it allows for users to
create profiles and interact with one another
through messaging, timeline posts, and group
interactions. Facebook lists some additional
features and benefits such as:

Live video streaming

Voice and video calls (desktop and mobile)
Workplace and Work Chat apps (iOS /Android)
Productivity features
Unlimited file, photo and video storage
Unlimited team and project groups
Integration with file storage providers
Desktop Notifier for Windows
Secure collaboration between companies
Directory of pre-built integrations
Enterprise features
Administrative controls to manage your
Monitoring tools for IT teams
APIs for custom integrations and bots
Integrations with e-discovery and compliance
Single sign-on (SSO), Active Directory support Extending our loudest congratulations to Dino
Integration with G Suite, Okta, Windows Azure Toric in operations. Dino has exceeded expectations
AD continuously, and is always willing to step in and
help anyone in need.
At the time of writing, the company has a 92%
adaption rate. Attached are numbers by department:
Human Resources - 1 person - 100% Have a shout out you'd like to give?
Equipment - Testing - 2 people - 100%
Operations- 34 people - 100%
send it to:
Maintenance - 2 people - 100%
Think outside of the box.
Service - 7 people - 86%!
Logistics - 6 people - 83%

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New Photo
Contest for June
by Cameron Wolf - Marketing Specialist

It's back!

After a few months of work, we have ensured a fail-proof method to ensure a fair and true photo
contest! We hope you're willing to try and win a YETI mug and $25 gift card again.
All you have to do to enter is take a picture of one of our trucks somewhere in America, submit it
through our form, and you're in!
In past contests, it seems the winner includes pictures of their truck with nice scenery in the
background...just a tip 😎
Think outside of the box.
Do you think you have the photography skills needed to win this month?!

Page 5
Kyle Johnson Wins First Monthly
Weight Loss Prize
by Cameron Wolf - Marketing Specialist


Our first quarter winner is Kyle Johnson with a total of 11.51% loss; followed up Moe Masnica with a
8.85% loss and Cameron Wolf with a 7.87% loss.

Congratulations everyone! There are 8 weeks left until our final weigh in -- YOU GOT THIS!

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Workplace Anniversaries and
by Cameron Wolf - Marketing Specialist

Driver Birthdays Driver Anniversaries

ROBERT F. 6/2 DYLAN S. 6/1
JORGE P. 6/4 MIRSAD B. 6/1
ROGER C. 6/4 BRYAN S. 6/3
MARK H. 6/5 RAYMOND V. 6/4
CIERRA G. 6/13 AZEM H. 6/15
RICHARD S. 6/13 TYRONE B. 6/15
DEJAN L. 6/17 DANIEL P. 6/15
ANTHONY G. 6/17 TAMMY O. 6/18
RAYMOND V. 6/20 PAMELA M. 6/18
HUGO G. 6/24 ABEL R. 6/21
DOUGLAS M. 6/25 ARTHUR S. 6/22
STANIMIR O. 6/26 ALMIN S. 6/23
DENNIS W. 6/29 TYRONE B. 6/26
KEVIN Y. 6/28
Office Birthdays GEORGE L. 6/29
OGNJEN M. 6/1 ESAD D. 6/30
TYLER H. 6/4
EDVIN R. 6/15 Office Anniversaries
VEDRAN T. 6/16 BRENDA C. 6/1
JIM A. 6/19 SANDRA S. 6/11
BILIJEAN M. 6/30 TAMMY C. 6/19

Happy Birthday!!
Congratulations to the milestones too!
Page 7
Upcoming Events &
by Cameron Wolf - Marketing Specialist

Company Wide Events

June 5th - Company Softball Team Game @ 8:30pm
June 11 - Sweet Express 16th Annniversary
June 12 - Company Softball Team Game @ 8:30pm
June 14 - 401k Lunch - Pizza Provided
June 19- Company Softball Team Game @ 8:30pm

Thanks for
If you're interested in submitting a story, shout-out, or any
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