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For the do what you are assignment, I got ESFJ.

Some of these letters fit my personality

while other parts do not. When I was younger, I was very much an introvert. I didn’t have a
group of friends and rarely talked in class. Now I have expanded a lot in how I feel. I have a
pretty good amount of friends and I like to make new friends in each of my classes. As I get
older, this will most likely help me in creating close relationships with friends for college. What
surprises me is how both feelers and judgers are two of my letters. They have some things in
common and some things that aren’t as common. Judgers make many decisions as part of what
they work on. I believe I like to think through when I am working on assignments so I am
prepared for what I need. At my workplace, Board and Brush, I have to use my judgers skill to
think through what I need for each person’s assignment. I am beyond the fittest for a feeler.
Feelers like to help others and be appreciated while doing so. I do like being appreciated by my
friends when they need my help. I like to be the one that my friends go to because I feel that
personally, I give good advice to others. The last letter is sensors, who apply past experiences
to help solve problems. This occurs to me usually because while I am thinking through solving
problems I have in my life or helping others, I like to look back on my past experiences to see
what I should do. One of the sentences in the do what u are assignment states, “You are very
literal and like others to be clear and explicit about their expectations of you. Since you strive to
be prepared at all times, you may have trouble improvising or dealing with sudden changes in
plans.” This is one of the sentences that relate to me the most in the assignment. I like when
others are clear in what they want and how they are feeling about me or a situation to better
understand what I can do. It is very hard for me to deal with sudden changes. I like a routine
and when big changes happen, it throws me off. For my career interest profiler, I found out
about what jobs and careers best fit my personality and interests. I have already started
planning on what I want to do going forward with my life. I really think I would be best in Art
Education because I love the arts but it is a job that very reliable and not as tricky as trying to
sell artwork. As a teacher, I will also feel comfortable because I love children but a lot to do with
a school. Other than my home, school is a place where I can relax and be comfortable and
spend time with people. Some jobs that are on my profile include Postsecondary art, music, and
drama teachers, art therapist, choreographer, childcare workers, and middle school teacher.
The one that relates to me the most, is, of course, an art, music, or drama teacher. Most of
these jobs relate to teaching or art, which will help me with what I want to do specifically. The
last assessment I did was the strengths explorer. The top three choices I got were a future
thinker, organizer, and dependability. Future thinkers are people who like to think about plans
for the future. About only a year ago, I was terrified about what the future would hold because of
the problems going on in my life and I was confused of what I wanted to do with my future. As
now, I am dreaming of what possibilities I will be doing in the future because of what career I am
looking forward too. I am glad these are one of my strengths. An Organizer is a very good
strength for me to have. I feel there are certain things I am organized about though. For
example, my room isn’t the most organized ever but I like having my binder and bookbag
organized because it makes me feel that my work is safer and I have the satisfaction of being
organized. I also like to schedule different events a week at least before the event to keep me
updated. The last strength is dependability. I like keeping trust between people because it helps
keep the relationship blossom. I like being appreciated for being trustworthy.