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the great gatsby vocab

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1. Antecedent a preceding circumstance

2. Apathetic not interested or concerned
3. Cower to cringe in fear
4. Deft skillful
5. Denizen a resident
6. Elicit to draw forth
7. Elocution clear, expressive speech
8. Exult to rejoice greatly
9. Forlorn deserted
10. Impetuous impulsive
11. Ingratiate to establish (oneself) in the favor or good graces of others by deliberate effort
12. Innuendo an indirect comment about a person in a derogatory nature
13. Jaunty having a self-confident air
14. Laden burdened
15. Rancor resentment or ill will
16. Rout an overwhelming defeat
17. Supercilious arrogant
18. Surmise to infer with little evidence
19. Vacuous empty
20. Wan unnaturally pale