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Gadget in Jira

Applicable only for-Jira 7.0 and later

To Create Gadget in Jira Atlassian-sdk-plugin is required

Download it from below link-

Latest version-8.0.

Install Atlassian SDK Plugin from the downloaded setup file.

To check whether SDK plugin is successfully Installed

Open CMD and run command-atlas-version

Note – Check JAVA_HOME Path it should not point to the path where java is installed in the System not
the Jre path inside atlassian-SDK-plugin folder.

To check JAVA_HOME in cmd run commandecho %JAVA_HOME%

If java path is not correct as in environment variables

Step to Create Gadget Plugin through CMD

1.In CMD Run first command  atlas-create-jira-Plugin

It will ask for below following information

group-id com.atlassian.plugins.tutorial

artifact-id jira-gadget-tutorial-plugin

Version 1.0-SNAPSHOT

Package com.atlassian.plugins.tutorial

2.Enter the above Information and Press Y when it ask as shown below

3.Setup will continue and below screen shows the completion

After Successful Creation go to location where folder is created.

Jira-gadget-tutorial-pluginSrcTest -

Delete All the folders Inside Test folder

4.Go to base folder where pom.xml is located replace the below code with the existing code


5. Go to Jira-gadget-tutorial-pluginSrcmainjava->com-atlassian->plugins->tutorial

Delete existing folder or files

To Get All the Projects from Jira

Copy below files inside


6. Jira-gadget-tutorial-pluginSrcresourcesReplace the atlassian-plugin.xml file from below file


7.Paste gadget.xml file inside xml folder


8.Inside resources folder create folder with name “i18n”

And copy below file inside it

9.Now run cmd go inside Jira-gadget-tutorial-plugin and run command atlas-run

This command will create local instance of jira

10.After completion go to browser and Run localhost:2990/jira

11.Go to Manage Gadget Section

Where you can find below plugin