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Autumn Discussions on the

Portuguese Primary English Teachers’ Discussion List

Discussion nº 2 - Friday 3rd November to Friday 11th November

“Consequence and Reward in the Primary Classroom”
Dave Tucker is well known here in Portugal, and after attending his workshops I’ve always come
away with my head full of good ideas and a sense that Dave knows just what working with children
is all about. It’s therefore a great pleasure to have him with us in November to field a discussion
on discipline.

Preliminary reading for this discussion is an article suggested by Dave and can be downloaded at:

Dave writes: “It’s freely available so anyone can go and have a look and there’s plenty of (a) sound
advice and (b) thought provoking comments in there to get people going.”

The discussion will run for a period of seven days, during which time participants are invited to
send in questions and queries and debate their contexts. A summary of the discussion will be
provided once it has closed.

It’s a fantastic opportunity for teachers to share knowledge and learn with others, so do participate.
Invite your colleagues to join as well. Spread the word ☺!

Dave Tucker is Director of Studies in International House Coimbra,

and has been teaching Young Learners in Portugal for the last 19
years. He is a tutor on the IH Certificate in Teaching Young
Learners, and his areas of particular interest are discipline (or
Reward and Consequence Systems) and Cross-Channel (VAK)

For any queries about this discussion contact: Sandie Mourão