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From: Prince Lobel ave 16174568100 To: Fax: ($08) 325.5789 Page: of12 nrosiz0i9 10:57 AN FAX FROM To Prince Lobe! Prince Lobel Tye LLP . : 1 international Pi Suite 3700 Boston ‘Massachusetts 02110 Phone (617) 458-8100 Phone Fax Number (817) 456-8100 Fax Number + 15083255759 DATE 06/05/2019 NOTE From: Prince Lobel Fax: 6176558100 10 Fan: (508) 225-5759 2ot32 —gbrasizei9 10:57 AM @ PRINCeG LOBCL ‘One International Place, Sute3700 Boston, Massactsells 02110 To NANTUCKET DISTRICT COURT 517 456 8000 main = aunt 617 456 8100 tex Clerk's Office PrnceLobetcom Date June 5, 2019 Fox® 508-325-5759 From James W. Lawson #ofpages’ 17 (including cover page) ClienvCase# —108697.000 Tih transmission is nat fly andlor Tegibly received, please call (617) 456-B000 Message: Please see attached for filing and note that a hard copy will follow via overnight mail. ‘Thank you. The documents accompanying this telecopy transmission coniain confidential or privileged information from the low firm of PRINCE LOBEL TYE LLP. This information is intended to be for the use of the individual or entity named nn this lransmigsion sheet, If you are not the intended recipient, be aware that any disclosure, copying, distribution or use of the contents ofthis telecopied information is prohibited. Ifyou have received this tetecopy in error, please nolify us by phone immegiately so that we can arrange for the retrieval of the original documents at no cost to your office ‘Thank you for your assistance. From: Prince Labet Fax 6174558100 Te Fax: (600) 226-5758 Page: 3.0f 12 o6v08/20%8 10:57 AM WERKSMAN JACKSON @ QUINN te {886 West Sicm Sacer, FOURTH FLOOR LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 90017 TELEPHONE (213) 688-0460 FACSIMILE (219) 624-1942, wiv. WERKSMANJACKEON.coM MARK J. WERKSMAN ALAN J. JACKSON KELLY C. QUINN” * cermin Sreculist— APPELLATE LAN JOSHUA E. RITTER ‘Tas Stare Gan oF CAUFORNIA ELIZABETH S. LITLE BOARH OF LEGAL SHECALIENTION CHRIS L. CAMPBELL" * AOMITEED mM ARYAN AMANDA L. CARTER "** AMTTEDIN FLOROA MEHRUNISA RANJHA June 5, 2019 VIA FAX & OVERNIGHT MAIL Clerk’s Office Nantucket District Court 16 Broad Stieet Nantucket, MA 02554 Re: Commonwealth v. Kevin Fowler (Nantucket Dist. Ct. Docket No. 1888CR000598) Dear Sir/Madam: Enclosed for filing please find the Affidavit of Sankara 8. Shanmugam in Support of Motion for Order Pursuant to Mass R. Crim. P. 17 Directed to William Little and Motion for Ordet to Compel Discovery Pursuant to Mass. R. Crim, P. 14 and Brady v, Maryland in connection with the above-referenced case. A copy of this notice has been forwarded to the Office of the District Attomey. Thank you for your assistance in this matter. Sincerely ee oi JUN 05 2019 Enclosures é Vie ee Ce: Mr. Michael Giardino Deputy District Attomey Cape & Islands District Attomey’s Office 3231 Main Street, Barnstable, MA 02630