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Mabib Al Mulla Gg IN THE MATTER OF AN ARBITRATION BEFORE THE DUBAI INTERNATIONAL ARBITRATION CENTRE DIAC Arbitration Case No. 252/2009 Omar Jamal Hasan Ayesh Claimant Ahmed Suleiman Al Rajhi Respondent Exurpit C-39 Table of Contents Important Notice Statement of Assumptions and Limiting Factors Introduction and Background Overview of the 10 New Projects » Portfolio of Projects * Financial Overview * Consolidated Cash Flows of 10 New Projects * Tameer’s Consolidated Cash Flows: DCF Valuation Matrix DCF Valuation Results Tameer Holding Company «= {nitial Capital Structure Revaluation of Investment Properties «Road Map to Financing Private Placement vs IPO Strictly Confidential au pw 11 12 13 Important Notice of the managemer _eguity share-capitalin Tamer: vate placement be viewed in conjunction with the oré é and may not b y ot The information in the Prese ‘Group Companies") of Tameer and as relied upon and assumed, without independent veri imaeer. By accepting this Present 1¢ recipient agrees to keep confide rmation contained herein whether agreement executed by the recipient or otherwise. should be directed to: | 3 GIB Sty Confident a=