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Moisés García González

Mechanical Engineer
Cra. 44 B # 98 – 48. Barranquilla, Colombia.
Contact: (+57) (5) 302-1928 (+1) 809-429-2229

Professional Profile
Mechanical Engineer of the Universidad del Norte, I received a Scholarship “Orgullo Caribe” in this university. I have an integral
formation in the human and professional field. Outstanding ability to analyze and solve problems, great adaptability to changes,
willingness to learn, ability to work in team and high creativity. My native language is spanish, advanced domain of the english
language, intermediate of german and basic of portuguese. Work experience at the Palm Oil Plant Inasca Agroindustrial as Head
of Maintenance and Production in the Dominican Republic. Work experience in the sales field at AIESEC; Social Volunteering in
Santos, Brazil. Diploma in Solar and Wind Energy at the Technological University of Bolívar.

Work Experience

Inasca Agroindustrial. 01/jun/2018 – 30/dic/2018

Head of Maintenance and Production:


• Replace the Reactive Maintenance model with a Predictive Maintenance model, seeking a reduction in

maintenance costs and an increase in the useful life of the machinery.

• Verify that the maintenance was accomplished on the stipulated dates.

• Make maintenance reports of the machinery.

• Perform calculations and mechanical designs for the selection of equipment in the plant.
• Perform calculations and thermal designs for the selection of equipment in the plant.
• Make 3D models and drawings of equipment designed in SolidWorks.

• Execute simulations and case studies for the installation of a Solar Generation Plant in PVSOL.
• Control the quality of the palm that entered the plant.
• Verify that the personnel had done their tasks in the designated areas.
• Carry out optimization processes in personnel schedules to obtain a reduction in operating costs.

• Make plant production reports.

• Increase the extraction of palm oil through changes in the operation of plant equipment.

• Coordinate the Maintenance and Production department to make the stops in the most appropriate way.

AIESEC. 10/feb/2016 – 15/feb/2017

Outgoing Exchange Experience (OGX):


• Hire people to carry out volunteer social or professional experiences abroad in Colombia.

• Encourage people to make a positive social impact on society with different programs.

• Contribute to forming people in different professional and human capacities.

AIESEC. 05/dic/2015 – 28/ene/2016

Social Volunteering:


• Conduct education and training work with children in poor areas of Brazil seeking guidance to have a decent
quality of life.

• Transmit positive values to children through dynamic activities that allow them to assimilate them in the best way.

Academic Titles

Solar FV and Wind Energy . 2017

 Diploma at the Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar.
Cartagena, Colombia.

Mechanical Engineering. 2012 - 2017

 Bachelor Degree at the Universidad del Norte.
Barranquilla, Colombia.

 Scholarship “Orgullo Caribe”, Universidad del Norte. 2012.


Competencies: Languages:
 Spanish Native.
• Abstraction, analysis and synthesis of information.
 English Advance.
• Cultural Adaptation.
 German Medium.
• Ability to learn on their own.
 Portuguese Basic.

Computer Software: Hobbies:

 PVSOL - High.
 Learn a language.
 SolidWorks - High.
 Learn an instrument.
 CYPECAD MEP - Medium.
 Meditate.
 MatLab - Medium.

 Excel – High.

 Word – High.

 PowerPoint – High.

Work: Personal:
Walter Martínez Ana Luz de la Rosa
Inasca Agroindustrial

Contact: (+1) 829-961-8762 Contact: (+57) 300-218-1905

Arnold Martínez Alfredo Palacio

Universidad del Norte

Contact: (+57) 301-353-9557 Contact: (+57) 314-588-8031