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Previous custom cartoon – trying to keep

consistency with this style as a next in a series

• 2 different paths that are contrasting and show the benefits of a
slower, tougher path
• 1 is high risk, quick and easy, chance of success is low. Go up an
escalator or up a ropeand 1/10 chance of making it to the top. 9/10 fail
and fall off the edge
• Picture of 100 monkeys and few winners, many failures.
• Riding up an escalator or being pulled up a rope with a pulley
labeled as Venture Capital
• The other is slow, requires less luck and more hardwork and solutions
to a series of specific hurdles. Better chance of making it but fewer try
• Picture of 5 panthers [should look like the previous cartoon] and
few winners, maybe jumping over hurdles with labels or an
obstacle course with names for each stage
• Hurdles are : Develop product, Sales, Prove business model,
Break even, Regulation, Hiring, Economics of scale
EXAMPLE: Obstacle course
EXAMPLE: Track with hurdles