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SOV UTS eS a ee Ss SS eS ET] Dey Basis International University offers Professional Certificate a Continuing Education Program which will enhance knowledge, skills and abilties in COLAO BIU's Professional Certiicate Programis recognized as a significant academic accomplishment, and can lead to new jobs as well as promations for those who obtain them. They are more relevant and focused for today's workforce and can be completed in a much shorter period of time. We know you have many options but at BIU we want to be the school of your choice, We provide students with small classes led by faculty who are professional in the subject matter and support students needs and goals for Basis International University tre Why Professional Certificate Program at BIU? We provide education, training, and support services to individuals wishing to learn relevant skills for new career, increase job knowledge to justify a promotion, stay current in your profession, obtain practical, cutting-edge knowledge, explore ‘anew career field, and for professional development needs. We strive to engage learners in supportive environment with compassion, respect, and flexibility to ensure enduring success. * Academic Excellence : We will deliver well prepared and competitive curriculum, expert instruction delivered by faculty expert and practicing in their field * Collaborative Learning : Instructors are industry experts working in the field \who enjoy teaching the concepts and skills that are part of their own dally work. + Life Changing Program : BIU's professional and other programs are meant to enhance professional growth. Focus on workforce and professional development. Eligibility Requirements ‘Tobe eligible for Professional Certificate Program, an applicant musthave completed High School and has proficiency in English. ERTIFICATE COURSES (4.5 Quarter Credits / Course) Computerized Financial Accounting Certificate Acourg| I esses eich me cs (evo EST Optional Course Enhancements: Optional Course Enhancements: Business Administration and Management Cerlificate accT201 counting | ESSE Accounting I pus Eon SEM !nvoduction to Business Information Systems vewzio (EE cic Spreadsheet Applications worses |= SEITE EE Operations Management wns ees ees MTH310 MGT335 FIN4o0 ee EEE A\gebra for Business acco SCRVRES Legal & Ethical Business Environment fees L How to Apply Online Application * Click ‘Apply Now’ tab ( + Folow the instruction to register. Upon registration: * Complete the online Enrollment AgreementéAppliction Form, print, sign and upload. * Complete (ital and sign) School Performance Fact Sheet print and upload, Upload a copy of High Schoo! Diploma/GED. * Upload English Proficiency if High School was in another language + $60 Application Fee + Wait o hear from BIU admission office. WALK-INS ARE ACCEPTED. Computerized Marketing Support Certificate ENG220 Computer Operating System Fundamentals ee mn cist Computer Database Fundamentals nee Spreadsheet Applications eee ELE introduction to Project Management Pon Basis International University 2515 Camino del Ro S, Suite #142, San Diego, CA 92108, USA @ +1 619) 269-3944 | +1 (619) 393-0105 OoFa admissions@basisuniversi OUTS Oe TE) PA SLO Sea Optional Course Enhancements: (— morsi0 Ee Cereal Business Foundation and Analysis