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Growth Trajectory Project


During my freshman year, I was gullible. I would believe people easily without them

having evidence or witnesses. I was vulnerable to others and was taken advantage of often. I

would trust people easily and confide in them. Then, I started to realize that I was believing them

easily and their information was false. As I got older, I became more knowledgeable about the

real world. I became better informed about issues that were happening around me and taking it

more seriously. I don’t trust people easily now because I had some issues with trusting them too

easily. Now, I am more conscious of who to trust when I am off to college and I’m making



In freshman year, I was unorganized. I would have all my work all over my backpack.

My binder would not be organized and sometimes I couldn’t find the work. My room would

have clothes and papers all over the floor. In addition, I felt overwhelmed due to the mess that I

had in my room and was not able to focus. So, I decided to change my habit of stuffing papers

into my backpack and get organized. I was able to organize my binder by labeling the dividers

with my classes and put the correct work in each divider. For my room, I would gather cups and

put supplies in those cups. I started keeping my old work from school or anything important in

boxes. When I started to do all that, I was not so stressed out anymore and felt much better. I was

able to find my stuff easily. From now on, I will be more productive and be able to manage my

work and deadlines.


For my freshman year, I had some anger issues. I would get annoyed and get angry

easily. For example, if someone asked me something twice or to repeat something I said twice, I

would get annoyed that they didn’t hear me. When I wasn’t able to do something, I would get

really frustrated and just slam the door or kick it. In addition, I would get physical such as hitting

my younger sibling or punching a wall. Then, I saw that my siblings were afraid of me and my

parents would be afraid to ask me questions. I needed to change my behavior quickly and control

my anger issues. In order to do that, I started walking around my neighborhood or going to the

park and relaxing. I also tried to exercise and listen to calm music. I kept doing this routine and

have felt more relaxed, more patient, and my attitude got better. My siblings aren't afraid of me

anymore and my parents doesn’t hesitate to ask me for things. This will help me in the future

because I will be more patient with others and be more positive in a workplace.