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ABC’s of Pre - Kindergarten

Please take special note of the attendance policy in the student handbook.
Students are only allowed to miss 14 days of school. If your child happens to be absent,
please have an excuse from a doctor or write a note with the date and reason for the
absence. Send it in their folder the next day. I am required to contact you if your child
is absent two days in a row.

B-Bus Stop
It’s mandatory that an adult be present at the bus stop in the morning and
afternoon if your child rides a school bus. The bus driver will not be allowed to pick up
or drop off your child if no one is present.

C-Car Riders
Car riders will be dismissed at 3:00 each day. Our staff will walk your child to
the pick-up gate. Please note that if you arrive at the pick-up gate after 3:20, your
child will be located in the office. To pick up your child you must have a school issued
blue card on the passenger side dash window or you will be asked to drive around to the
office, show your picture id and receive a pick-up slip for your child. Please explain this
procedure to everyone that will pick up your child.

Dojo is a digital classroom management tool designed to help teacher’s improve
student’s behavior and communicate more effectively with parents. This will be used all
year for parents to stay informed.

A great way to keep in touch with me is through email. My email address is Please be reminded that I will only have time to check
this during my morning and evening breaks.

F-Family Advocate
Our family advocate is Ms. Dametra Varnado. She is here to assist you in
anything you may need including community resources. Her number is 985.320.4218.

There will be no letter grades for your child. We will conduct two parent
conferences to evaluate your child’s progress. Also, there will be three assessments
given throughout the school year to track your child’s progress.

H-Home visits
Home visits are required at the beginning of the year and end of the year. This
will help with the transition for your child from home to school.
ABC’s of Pre - Kindergarten

I-In Kind Forms

We use in kind forms to keep track of parent involvement. These forms are very
important because it helps us stay funded. Anytime you visit the classroom; make sure
you sign this form. Every month, we will send home an additional in kind form to
complete and sign then return back to school.

J-Join Perrin PAWS

Perrin has a Parent/Teacher Organization. Meetings will be held throughout the
school year. If you are interested, more information will become available at a later

Students in our classroom are encouraged and expected to treat all members of
our class as well as others with kindness and respect. Hitting, fighting, name-calling,
and bullying others will not be permitted.

Head start will provide breakfast, lunch, and snack daily. Breakfast will be
served from 8:25 to 8:45 every day. Lunch will be served from 11:30-12:00. Snack will
be from 2:15-2:30.

We will not ask you for any money this school year however if you can or would
like to donate monetarily it would be greatly appreciated. These funds will go directly
to the children for field trips and other fun events. If you cannot donate monetarily,
please don’t feel obligated.

“Important Notes” from your child’s teacher, our principal, the school nurse or
any other school personnel or organization will be placed in the folder. Some notes may
need to be returned to school the next day. Please check your child’s folder daily for
notes and remember to keep what’s yours and return items that need to be returned to

O-Open House
We will have Open House night on Thursday, September 12, 2019. Please mark
this on your calendar so that you can come and see some of the special things your child
has been working on.
ABC’s of Pre - Kindergarten

We will have several celebrations throughout the school year where you will be
invited to attend or asked to volunteer and/or send items for. I will let you know in
advance when these celebrations will take place. Your child can celebrate his/her
birthday in class. Please let me know in advance.

If at anytime you have questions, please feel free to use dojo to send me a
message or email me at If you call the school
(985.386.9734) you can leave me a message and I will get back with you as soon as
possible. You and your child are important to me and I think of us as a team. Please
contact me with any questions or concerns

R-Rest Time
We will be having rest time at school. Please send a blanket. NO PILLOWS!!!

The question of when to keep your child home from school is often a difficult
one, especially when decisions must be made first thing in the morning. It is important,
however, to keep your child at home if he/she is ill. If your child has fever, vomits, or
has diarrhea; they must stay home 24 hours after the incident. This helps to make
them more comfortable and prevents others from getting ill. Children function more
effectively in the classroom when they are healthy. Please contact the school nurse if
your child is to be given any medication during school hours. Do not send medicine to
school in your child’s school bag. This includes cough drops.

T- Tardy
If you drop-off your child in the morning, please be mindful that no one is on
duty, nor does the school open until 7:55. Your child must be in the classroom by 8:25.
If students arrive after this time, they will be marked tardy. If your child is tardy, you
must fill out a tardy slip in the office, and then walk to the class. You cannot drop your
child off in the parking lot for safety reasons.

“U” are important in your child’s education. There will be lots of opportunities
for you to lend a helping hand. I will let you know any time help is needed.

As you know, your child most likely cannot tie their own shoes and this becomes
a safety issue. Please try to purchase Velcro shoes at least until your child can tie their
own shoes.
ABC’s of Pre - Kindergarten

There may be times when you will be asked to help in the workroom, making
copies, using the die-cut machine, sorting, stapling, etc. Please make sure you put all
materials back in the proper places. Please DO NOT remove any materials from the

X-Extra Clothes
It is VERY important that you send an extra set of clothes to leave at school
for your child in case of a bathroom accident, messy spill, or wet and muddy playground
incident. This way we do not have to bother you at work or home. Please place 1 extra
set of underwear, socks, a shirt, and shorts/pants (it does not have to be the school
uniform) in a zip lock bag with your child’s name on the outside. These clothes will stay
in the classroom and will be switched out as needed. Students cannot be placed on the
school bus in soiled clothing.

Y-Younger Siblings
If you are visiting school to attend field trips, work in the workroom, etc., it is
school policy that you will not be allowed to bring children with you. This not only allows
your full attention to be focused on the class, but also allows for some special time
between you and your child.

Make sure your child gets plenty of rest. A pre- k room is a busy place and you
will probably find your child exhausted at the end of the day. Setting and keeping a
bedtime routine is a wonderful gift you can give your child. It will help them to be alert
and ready to learn each day!

We are a TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More