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In the year 1402KN Al was born in what would become known as Svengaard Castle.

His father belonged

to the Mercenary Guild and was an accomplished bounty hunter in the employ of Uthurall himself. His
mother was tolerant of his father’s work, but she was a devout follower of Frentis.

His father’s life was blood and chaos, showered with coin. His mother, the polar opposite. She was
domestic, contrite and believed she would be the guiding hand of Amarwin in young Al’s life.

When the war broke out in 1406KN Al’s father took sides with Ember, just as Uthurall had. He didn’t play
a major role but was an able enough fighter. He survived the war with no visible scars, but even at his
young age, Al could tell the war had taken a toll on him.

In the years that followed, as the land divided into the Kingdoms, Al’s father, despite objections from his
mother, went back to his old ways with the guild. But stories began to circulate and trickle down that
Al’s father was going about his business with a little too much fervor.

He didn’t grasp the implications yet, but in the not too distant future it would become all too clear.