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Angeles 1

David Angeles

Ms. Montes

United States History

23 April 2019

GPO:Take Action and Recognize Perspectives

GPO Project: 14 Points

In the course of recent years we have found in each understudy have no demonstration of

authority and not being a worldwide pioneer. Toward the day's end, we should show fast drive

conduct. We should guarantee that each understudy must rely upon the principles and guidelines

after I propose these fourteen points that I have found and it will execute for the excellence of

our school.We must energize our school that each understudy can connect well past

expectations.We must show that our school isn't just intended to draw in and initiate, yet in

addition to exhibit genuine authority and youth worldwide pioneer. We should make every

understudy to obey and live in the rules of our worldwide school. On the off chance that the

understudies did this, I guarantee you that our school would be known as one of the perfect

worldwide school close by with youthful prospect.

I. Understudies ought to have regard for everybody incorporating staff in school zone

II. Understudies in different scholastic reserve the option to express their sentiments on how

they feel about occasions and distinctive projects

III. Each understudy needed to use to their core values so as to have appropriate lead in

Angeles 2

IV. In the event that an understudy commits an error it must be there duty to acknowledge

their oversight without bringing on any drama

V. Understudies should demonstrate initiative at ASGL in light of the fact that our school

depends on it

VI. On the off chance that an understudy violets a school rule they should confront outcomes

relying upon what they did and if it caused any harm

VII. Your lanyard/ID should be visible at all time

VIII. All understudies should be in class five minutes before school starts

IX. Profanity shouldn’t be used on school campus

X. There should be no discrimination in school zone

XI. Phones shouldn’t be used unless its a emergency

XII. Students at ASGL should be aware of events around the world

XIII. Understudies should be required to take Model UN

XIV. ASGL students should apply to at least one academic club in school

Being as a worldwide pioneer is a one of a kind breed with recognizable characteristics.

The understudy a characteristic interest about the world and enthusiasm for individuals

not the same as themselves. That understudies ought to dependably be set up in reality.

We should speak to our schools name and pride. The more we demonstrate the world that

being a worldwide pioneer is the best decision, the more fruitful individuals we will have

for our future.