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The STREET DANCING FESTIVAL competition is one of the highlights of the forthcoming GRAND
AMMUNGAN FESTIVAL 2019. This competition will showcase the rhythm and music of which they
represent, festive dances and portrayals of history and values, culture and tradition hence will be worth
watching event of the year.

1.) Open to all interested participants from the different schools, organizations, barangays,
companies or LGUs.
2.) All entries must be composed of minimum of 50 to a maximum of 150 including dancers,
props men and instrumentalists.

1.) The dance entry must be creative-interpretative.
a.) The dance entry has a fusion of ethnic and contemporary concept.
b.) The festival concept should be based on their beliefs, practices, history, legend or rituals
and other social characteristics of each town. Choreography, props and costumes should
be inspired as to the origin/concept. Synopsis should be read before the presentation.
c.) The dance entry must not have any political undertone but should conform to normal
standards of morality.
d.) The entry must be well-thought of, well prepared and able to bring out the best.
2.) Only live musical or percussion accompaniment is allowed. Brass, wind, string and any
instrumentations shall also be allowed, however, the use of the indigenous and ethnic
inspired materials such as gongs, bungkakas, or any related material is deeply encouraged.
3.) Products and services of the contingents may be featured but not necessary. Props
materials endemic and indigenous to the province represented are encouraged, however no
props and costumes that are harmful to the environment and animals are allowed.
4.) Creative inputs or elements such as that of chants are allowed as long as the theme
depicted is clearly evident in the entire presentation.
5.) The performance should not exceed seven (7) minutes, including entrance and exit. Reading
of synopsis and setting of props should be limited to 1 minute only. The next five (5) minutes
are for the dance showdown and the timer stops when the first participant leaves the
staging area (meaning: the exit should have a choreographed movement). Five points will be
deducted from the total score of whoever exceeds the time limit, and will be strictly
a. The Official Timer on stage shall be raising a GREEN FLAG while the tribe/group is
preparing and shall bring it down once the official representative start reading the
b. At the end of the sixth minute (6th minute), the timer shall raise the YELLOW FLAG,
as warning for the tribe that has one more minute left to finish the performance.
c. At the end of the seventh minute (7th minute) the timer shall raise the RED FLAG
signifying the end of the time.
6.) Sharp objects like real knives and spears, dangerous stunts, intoxicating fumes, pyro
techniques or any related harmful object that may endanger the participant & the audience
before, during or after the performance is strictly prohibited. SAFETY FIRST!
7.) Performance time limit has a minimum of 5 minutes and maximum of 7 minutes. Setting of
props and musical instrument is not included. Corresponding deductions shall be given, to
a.) 1-10 seconds- 1 point per judge
b.) 11-20 seconds- 2 points per judge
c.) 21-30 seconds- 3 points per judge
d.) 31-40 seconds- 4 points per judge
e.) 41 and more- 5 points per judge
8.) Street Parade shall be progressive at a designated judging station with 2 minutes’
 Station 1- in front of Saber Inn
 Station 2- LGU Bayombong Rotonda Circle
 Moving platforms are not allowed in the entire parade route, and props must be
hand-held only with no mechanically driven.
 There must also be parts in the parade route where songs and chants must be done
on a regular basis, in the local or indigenous language or dialect.
9.) The field presentation will be the main production performance which will depict the main
storyline of the festival entry.
 Bigger props are allowed not exceeding 10 feet high during the ritual showdown
10.) Participants are required at the designated assembly area an hour prior to street grand
parade. Assembly time is at 6:00 am at the Provincial Capitol Entrance. Failure to join the
street parade shall result in outright disqualification, and late contingents will not be
allowed to enter in order not to disrupt the flow and arrangement of number of the
11.) The performance area for ritual showdown is at the open field (center oval) of Nueva
Vizcaya Sports Complex (NVSC).
12.) Unsportsmanlike behavior during the entire competition as deemed by the committee on
events will be subjected to disqualification and forfeiture of prizes.
13.) Judging will be done in two phases: the street parade which comprises 30% of the total
scores and field presentation will be 70 %.
14.) During the announcement of winners, only authorized team staff can receive the cash prize
and required to bring with, proof of identification and current CTC and letter of intent.
15.) The deadline for submission of entry is on or before March 29, 2019 to the Committee In-
Charge or Festival Secretariat.
16.) NO IDENTIFYING MARKS OR LOGOS. A deduction of 5 points to the total score of the
contingent will be given.
17.) Ranking system shall be used as basis in determining the winners.
18.) The decision of the Board of Judges is final and not appealable.
19.) Only the participants whose names listed in the official master list will be given foods. Please
be guided accordingly.
20.) For more inquiries just contact the Chairman- MR. AEDAM ROY S. ELIZAGA at these numbers
09218898527/ 09364416522 or the Festival Secretariat.
 FB account: Royaedam Elizaga
 Email:


CRITERIA Ritual Street Dance
Showdown (30)
Relevance and creativity of Costume, Props and impact 10 5
of chants
Choreography (dance movements and formations) 15 10
Overall performance (synchronicity, mastery, 30 10
technique and showmanship)
Cultural Impact (truthfulness to the development of 15 5
concept depicted, relevance and consistency)
TOTAL 70 30

Prepared by:

MR. ADAM ROY S. ELIZAGA (0936 441 6522)

Chairperson, Street Dancing Competition