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Department of

Public Safety
Awards Ceremony
June 5, 2019
2 p.m.

Welcome Chief Brophy

Years of Service Citations Deputy Chief McLenon

Campus Partnership Chief Brophy

Unit Citations, Distinguished Service

& LIfe-Saving Awards Deputy Chief McLenon

Chief’s Awards Chief Brophy

3:30 p.m. Refreshments & Adjourn

Years of Service

5 Years
Carlos Blanski Margaret Jelte Greg Matthews
Dale Brophy Amy Lange Patrick Mclenon
Jacob Butterfield Mckenzie Lewis Aaron Nelson
Ronald Desjardins George Lowry Patrick Randall
Matthew Feltenberger Brian Markland Misty Woods

10 Years
Joel Berumen Gonzalez Spencer Nichols Ryan Speers
Richard Manning Jason Pfeifer
Gregory Mills Heidi Reese

15 Years
Celeste Efron Tamara Smith
Garth Smith Zachery Wellman

20 Years
Jack Fermanian John Counter

25 Years
Bob Cook
Campus Partnership

Christopher Nelson
Presented to Christopher Nelson for outstanding service to the Depart-
ment of Public Safety as a member of the Situation, Triage and Assess-
ment team. Chris managed crisis information during the Chen Wei Guo
and Lauren McCluskey homicides, directing his team in a professional
and effective manor while maintaining a calm demeanor under stressful

Lori McDonald
Presented to Lori McDonald for outstanding service as a member of the
Situation, Triage and Assessment Team. Lori was responsible for manag-
ing campus support services to students and victim families during the
Chen Wei Guo and Lauren McCluskey homicides. She displayed great
leadership, compassion and courage under very difficult circumstances.

Traci Thompson
Presented to Traci Thompson for outstanding support to the Department
by administering the physical fitness program. Traci administered the
test multiple times per year through an effecrtive, non-biased method.
Maura Fowler
Presented to Maura Fowler for her instrumental location of dedicated
space and crafting an affordable lease in the Quinney College of Law
building for the Department’s Emergency Coordination Center. Maura
also provided project management expertise during the construction
phase of the ECC that proved to be essential to the project.

Virginia Beane
Presented to Virginia Beane for her instrumental location of dedicated
space and crafting an affordable lease in the Quinney College of Law
building for the Department’s Emergency Coordination Center.
Unit Citations

Emergency Management
Presented to the Division of Emergency Management in recog-
nition for improvment and updating of campus safety efforts.
The team provided effective planning of building emergency
response plans, training, and exercise. Team members include
Emergency Management Director Jeffery Graviet and Emergency
Management Associate Director Stuart Moffatt.

Community Outreach Program

Presented to the Community Outreach Program (C.O.P.) in
recognition of the exceptionally meritorious manner they have
improved campus safety. C.O.P. doubled the number of presen-
tations from 2017 to 2018, providing 265 presentations and ed-
ucating over 12,000 attendees. Team members include Sergeant
Ryan Speers and Officer Mario Sellick.
Special Recognition

Distinguished Service
James Kortright Margaret Jelte
For his exceptional investigative For exceptional customer service to
work in the successful arrest and the McCluskey family, coordinating
conviction of a robbery suspect. courtesy escorts and communicating
important safety information.
Sioape Lautaha
For exceptional performance in Ryan Karren
the apprehension of suspects from For his exceptional investigative
multiple incidents. work in the successful arrest and
conviction of a robbery suspect.
Mark Veatupu
For exceptional performance in the Heather Horstmeier
arrest of two separate suspects in a For her leadership to the detective
reported bicycle theft. division during the Chen Wei Guo
Ryan James
For exceptional performance in the
recovery of multiple stolen vehicles.

Presented to Jessica Ann Jukes for providing life-saving CPR to an un-
conscious, non-breathing individual.
Chief’s Award

Denell Ney Kory Newbold

Denell’s keen observations assist- Presented to Kory Newbold for his
ed in the arrest of a suspect with response during two separate in-
hundreds of dollars in stolen med- cidents including a welfare check
ical supplies. Also helped improve that required a door breach and
security procedures for hospital providing exceptional care to an
cleaning staff. intoxicated person. A second case
involved a complicated aggravat-
Joel Berumen Gonzales ed assault resulting in the convic-
Joel has displayed a commitment tion of a suspect due to excellent
to service through his willingness detective work.
to go the extra mile for several
years. He has also been an intrical
in assisting detectives with special Trevor Valdez
investigative projects. Trevor was responsible for super-
vising an emergency lockdown
Larimie Lancaster incident with limited staff after
being notified a patient possibly
Presented to Larimie Lancaster for
infected with the EBOLA virus was
exceptional leadership during a
being transported the hospital.
life saving event.