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Unit # _1-3__

I. General Information
Course : _English 1______________________ Code: __ INE0204___
Hours: 3 Unit duration: 10 días

Specific Objectives:

The student will be able to learn how fill out basic English application forms
using your own name, address, email address, nationality, home and mobile
phone number, date of birth and your age.

Skills to Develop:
• Can make an introduction and use basic greeting and leave-taking
• Can produce simple, mainly isolated phrases about people and places.
• Can ask and answer simple questions, initiate and respond to simple
statements in areas of immediate need or on very familiar topics.
• Can follow speech that is very slow and carefully articulated, with long
pauses for him/her to assimilate meaning.
• Can understand instructions addressed carefully and slowly to him/her
and follow short, simple directions.
• Can understand very short, simple texts a single phrase at a time,
picking up familiar names, words and basic phrases and rereading as
• Can get an idea of the content of simpler informational material and
short, simple descriptions, especially if there is visual support.
• Can write numbers and dates, own name, nationality, address, age, date
of birth or arrival in the country, etc., such as on a hotel registration
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• Can write simple, isolated phrases and sentences.

• Can ask for or pass on personal details in written form.

Forum Description:

After reading the material, the student will be able to participate in the
discussion forum and:

• Practice the verb to be and the correct use of it in a conversation form

in the forum.

Activities Description:
You will practice via clearly staged activities in the Grammar Practice,
Vocabulary Practice, and Communication Practice sections. Please remember to
log in and use the available resources as: The Personal Best Language App. The
Workbook, and the Richmond Learning Platform.

Homework Description:
They cover grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation and use accessible graded
texts or audio to contextualize the language point.

II. Content
Application forms and filling them out
Application forms are used for many things such as jobs, or joining a club, bank
there are many things they are needed for, by the end of the lesson you will be
able to fill out forms in English as well.
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III. Content Development

A common use of forms is to collect visitor or contact data in return for
information. The form acts as a "gate" to the content, the contact must enter
their details in certain required fields in order to gain access to the information
they require. The amount of data that the form submitter must provide should
correspond to the value of the information you are providing.

Sometimes when filling out application form you might not have all the details it
is best to put a small line were the black space is don't leave blank as other
people will think you have forgot to fill in everything.
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