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Google Cloud Platform 1.1 

Partner Support  Summary 

Detailed instructions for partners 
requesting support from Google during 

Process for  the GCI-Partner Alpha phase 

Author​:​ joshuacha 

GCI-Partner   Status​:​ Draft  

Created:​ 2017-4-12 

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How to request support from Google 

Please follow these instructions when filing support tickets to Google: 

Working with GCP support  

Note: The ProjectID will be the project ID of your GCP service project used to manage the 
interconnects. The projectID is found on the “Home” screen under the main menu.   

Bug Template when filing cases (Cut & Paste) 

Partner Project ID: ​[Project ID of Partner’s service project]   

Interconnect Name: [​ Name of the IC created by the partner] 

Attachment Name:​ [Name of the attachment created by the partner] 

Customer Name: ​ [Name of end customer] 

Description of issue: ​[Detailed explanation of the issues] 

Expected Result: [​ Expected behavior] 

Actual Result: [​ The actual behavior of the service when bug is expressed] 

Troubleshooting Guide Output: ​[Any helpful information or any early debugging done by the 
partner to help narrow down the root cause. Items such as light levels, ping testing, IP 
configuration, etc.]