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HWT Centre Hamilton Waterfront Authority

57 Discovery Drive/James St N
Contact 905-523-4498 ext. 21
Waterfront Cafe, Waterfront Scoops, Waterfront Grill
Meeting Rooms, Theatre and Patio Bookings
905-523-4498 ​57 Discovery Dr.


Multipurpose Room​:

This 600 square foot room offers a spectacular view of Hamilton

Harbour through thirty-foot high windows that span its entire length
and height. With tables and chairs for 30, a 50″ LED Monitor and
wireless internet, this room is an ideal meeting space for small and
larger groups.


An 860 square foot high-definition HD theatre with stage and podium,

projector, and 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound with wireless
internet, this space is a high grade location for presentations. Raked
cushioned seating accommodate up to 60.

Waterfront Patio​:

Outdoor seating and patio, visible to bayfront exposures