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Philippine Children's Medical Center

Quezon Avenue, Quezon City

Letter of Consideration for Chaplaincy:

Dear Mr Julius SURNAME,

I am writing to express my intention to volunteer as a hospital chaplain in our

institution. Although I am employed as a full-time Nurse in the Out Patient
Department, I am committed in balancing the duties of a chaplain whenever need be
and only when I am free of my responsibilities expected of me as a nurse first.

I promise that I will not abandon my function as a nurse and will make this my utmost
priority. I will only take on the task of a chaplain and will outline it below to clarify the
conditions of my volunteering:
1. I will not take the role of chaplaincy during my work hours as a nurse.
2. I will only take the role of chaplaincy when there are absolutely no chaplains
available to be called at that time.
3. That when it comes to duties and responsibilities, I am a nurse first before a
chaplain of the hospital.

I hope this helps in coming with a decision regarding my intention to take on the
chaplaincy. I am hoping and praying for your kind consideration.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Respectfully yours,

Arnel L. Vidal