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6/5/2019 Macbeth Essay Jonathan - Google Docs

Jonathan 1

Jonathan Mondesir

Ms. Silva

English II

March 3, 2017

Macbeth essay

Betrayal is the breaking of a trust by any meaning possible. Without doubt, he did the deed.

Barely making eye contact with people after the tragedy. Murdered the King was piece of cake but

left a dark scar. In Shakespeare's Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are trying build a legacy. As it goes

through the story, Macbeth can’t refer to what he did which was killing his own king. Lady

Macbeth who encouraged the act without regrets. After killing the king, Macbeth will need to

clean his way by killing people who could stop him as he goes.

It has been ages since Macbeth has been filled with a clean conscience. And he can feel it going.

An example of this was after the act he speaks to Lady Macbeth and says, “ I’ll go no more. I’m

afraid to think about what i’ve done; i dare not look on it again.”(Shakespeare.II.ii.60-62). Lady

Macbeth wanted him to go back and put the daggers in Duncan’s death room, but Macbeth doesn’t

want to go back and see the corpse of his king. The lack of common sense of Lady Macbeth made

her do something horrible. She went back and killed the drunk servants and cover their faces with

duncan’s blood so they would seem like they’re obviously guilty.

After killing his king, Macbeth think that people that will separate him from getting power should

be heading to slaughterhouse too. And the most closer is Banquo. An example of this, is when he 1/2
6/5/2019 Macbeth Essay Jonathan - Google Docs
Jonathan 2

speaks the murderers and says, “ To be the king is nothing if i’m not safe as the king. I’m very

afraid of banquo.” So he’s willing to kill his best friend for power, and for a kingdom which isn’t

on its best time after the death of King Duncan. He’s also lying to the murderers about Banquo

making their lives hell, so they can take pleasure in killing him for sure. Lady Macbeth doesn’t

know that much of Macbeth intention in behalf of Banquo. But she surely expect that.

Macbeth has clearly betrayed, friends without regrets. He has been doing thing that isn’t right.

That man and his woman are willing to build a legacy but it won’t happen without stabbing, killing

people. Who knows, things can get lot worse as it goes. 2/2

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