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CONDENSED SCORE 00006869 LOLA FLORES ALFRED SADEL and TERIG TUCCI Arranged by JOHN KRANCE INSTRUMENTATION 1 - Condensed Score 2-Bb Comet 1 1 - Piccolo 2- Bb Comet 2 4- Flute 1 2-Bb Comet 3 4- Flute 2 1 - Bb Trumpet 1 1- Oboe 1 1 - Bb Trumpet 2 1 - Oboe 2 2-FHom1&2 1 - Bb Clarinet 2-FHom3 &4 4- Bb Clarinet 1 2.-Trombone 1 4- BP Clarinet 2 2- Trombone 2 | 4-Bb Clarinet 3 2.- Trombone 3 1 -B> Alto Clarinet 2- Baritone B.C. 2- BP Bass Clarinet 2- Baritone T.C. 2- Bassoon | & 2 4- Basses . 2 - EP Alto Saxophone 1 1 - String Bass 2- E> Alto Saxophone 2 4 - Percussion 2.- BP Tenor Saxophone 2- Mallet Percussion 1 - Eb Baritone Saxophone 1 - Timpani Foreword In Spanish-speaking countries, the popularity of the Paso Doble (“double-step”) as a dance is inherent and perennial. The especial spirit and melodic appeal of the Argentine composer, Terig Tucci, have captured the imagination of international audiences, One of Tuccis most famous Paso Dobles is Lola Flores. Here can be found all the color and excitement of the bullring. One can instantly visualize the eager anticipation of the crowd and the pride and pageantry ofthe matadors majestically entering the ring In arranging Lola Flores for Concert Band I have attempted to capture, expand and project all of these dramatic qualities ‘embodying today’s television, recording, and film “sound”. JOHN KRANCE About the Arranger AA versatile composer, arranger and conductor whose career has embraced every branch of music from popular ballads to classical repertoire. John Krance received his formal training at the Eastman School of Music. During his service with the armed forces he ‘was chief-arranger for the U.S. Army Filed Band of Washington D.C. Presently residing in New York City, Mr. Krance is Music Director of Radio Station WPAT in New York. He has orchestrated music for Morton Gould and Henry Mancini and has also provided music for radio and television and documentary movies. Mr. Krance has spent a labor of love for bands and band music, ‘which attests his special affinity for and insight into this medium, (Reproduced from 1966 publication) Score (00006869) U.S. $7.50 Additional Parts U.S. $2.50 Western University ‘A Pubication of HAN 0N cones 3 9006 03572223 2 YA ac wn Sears LOLA FLORES ndensed Score ALFRED SADEL and TERIG TUCCI ration - ca. 3:50 Arranged by JOHN KRANCE Maestoso, con spirito ( J-ca.92) Gots, Tepts, JF con bravura Tebe Jf con bravura F EE jh stem means to strike ‘ith ist and shake) molto allargando Tempo di Paso Doble, con bravura (J+ ca.116) ———— af Z 3 es ¢$—$—== + Use 2anare drums, Copyright © 1959, 1966 by Edward B. Marks Music Company 5869 Copyright Renewed Flores -2 Intemational Copyright Secured” AllRights Reserved Used by Permission seas,A.CL f > me >#> > > oo Cums. (Tet ring) Fs, Gh, Obs, Pe read ‘ates ‘p espressivo| 1st Cat. {Play 2nd time only) (ee fate) ne. 7 (Hins.A, CL, Ten. Sax.)