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Sent by email to: SAPD.InternalAffairs@sanantonio.


To: The San Antonio Police Department Internal Affairs Unit: June 5, 2019

We, the undersigned, urgently and respectfully request an investigation by the San Antonio Police
Department Internal Affairs Unit into the disappearance of SAPD Police Report 90963028 and any and all
supporting documents and information related to the report, including but not limited to recordings or
records of 911 calls, calls for service at the home of City Councilman and mayoral candidate Greg Brockhouse
photos and other evidence that officer Gomez (badge number 1487) may have taken or removed on the day
of the incident and any other pertinent information related to the incident.

As Gloria Padilla writes in the San Antonio Express-News (May 29,2019), “The disappearance from the public
record of a police report alleging family violence filed by the wife of mayoral candidate Greg Brockhouse may
go down in history as one of Bexar County’s unsolved mysteries.”

“The report, dated five minutes before Christmas Eve in 2009, was taken by officer D. Gomez, badge number
1487, and given the case number 90963028. The Express-News has a copy but attempts to get an official
copy from the San Antonio Police Department in recent weeks has proven fruitless. The report has

In numerous Radio, TV, and Print interviews San Antonio District 6 City Councilman Greg Brockhouse has
claimed that the incident described in the report “never happened,” that he had no knowledge of the police
report, nor how it disappeared. Curiously, he has not explicitly denied law enforcement came to his home
on the night in question. It is a fact that Brockhouse worked for several years directly for the SAPD Officers
Union also known as the San Antonio Police Officer’s Association.

The fact that San Antonio Express-News journalist Brian Chasnoff has uncovered that an official copy of the
report, filed at the time as required by law with the Texas Department of Public Safety still exists in their
records clearly points to the fact that the incident, and the report, are real and that the report did at one
point exist in SAPD records.

At issue is not just that a mayoral candidate is alleged to have committed domestic violence but the public
confidence in San Antonio’s Police Department. Did someone within the department purposefully and
illegally delete all records of it?

Given that the San Antonio Police Department Internal Affairs Unit has responsibility for, among other
things, “investigating misconduct and corruption of public officials” we formally and respectfully request
that an investigation be opened into this matter.

Other supporting information in the public arena:

Thank you for your time in this matter.

Signed by:

/s/ Gina Galaviz Eisenberg, Co-Chair mētú

/s/ Kathy Sosa, Organizing Committee
/s/ Ellen Riojas Clark, Ph.D, Co-Chair mētú
/s/ Dorinda Rolle, Ph.D, Co-Chair mētú