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Week 16/17
Term 2 Learning Brief Integrals
Area and Volume

By the end of this fortnight, you should be able to:

Goals • understand and use definite integrals to find the further areas, area between
curves and the x axis and the y axis
• rotate simple areas around the x-axis and the y-axis to find the volumes of solids of
• understand the methods of finding volumes of solids of revolution
• develop the skills of drawing and labelling diagrams
• find the volume of revolution about the x-axis for the function f(x) from x = a to x = b
• find the volume of revolution about the y-axis for the function f(y) from y = a to y = b
• find the volume of revolution about the x-axis for the region between f(x) and g(x)
where f(x) ≥ g(x) from x = a to x = b

Theoretical Components Practical Components

References: JacPlus eBook Year 12 Maths Quest Specialist
Chapter 6 Section 6F and 6G (See Google (orange book) Chapter 6 (collect copy from
classroom) Jacqueline)
Read the worked examples in the text – remember
that the Area under the curve/Volume formulae
Exercise 6F
change if you are looking at the area between the x-
axis or y-axis
Exercise 6G


Complete tasks:
Videos see last week’s brief for links (Try to watch • Applications of Integration (Log Functions)
them all over the next two weeks – copy the • Further Applications of Integration
examples into your notes)

Summary – see end of Chapter 6 for useful

integration formulae

Chapter review…useful for revision – hint!

Investigation for Week 16 – see the following
page. Show complete working☺

Week 17 – Double sided summary sheet

preparation for test.

Please complete all of the work from Week 9 to 17 inclusive for your test in Week 18.
QFO If you have missing investigations see Toby ASAP.
For any other time related absences get your notes to the DEN or show me the work
you have completed for that week.
INVESTIGATION Week 16 and 17