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DECISION With respect to Official Plan Amendment No. 408 to the Official Plan of the City of Toronto ‘Subsection 17(34) and Section 26 of the Planning Act hereby approve, Amendment No. 406 to the Official Plan ofthe City of Toronto, ‘adopted by By-law No. 1111-2018, subject to the following modifications: ‘Amendment 406 to the Official Plan of the City of Toronto 1 Item 1 is modified by deleting the paragraph above sub-heading "Economic Powerhouse” in its entirety and replacing with: ‘The Provinoe's Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe (2019) identified a Downtown Toronto Urban Growth Centre and establishes. a ‘minimum density target for this area.” 2 Item 5 is modified by deleting the paragraph in its entirety and replacing with "The Downtown Toronto Urban Growth Centre willbe planned to optimize the public investment in higher order transit within the Centre and thus should ‘exceed the minimum combined gross density target of 400 residents and jobs per hectare set out in the Growth Pian for the Greater Golden Horseshoe, 2018. Map 6 shows the boundaries of the Downtown Toronto Urban Growth Centre, the Financial District and the Health Sciences District. Map 6A shows the Downtown Plan and the Central Waterfront Secondary Plan boundaries.” 3. Item 8 is modified by deleting the first two paragraphs in their entirety and replacing with: "Downtown is seen as an attractive place to live. New housing Downtown ‘makes and important contribution to the economic health of the City, There is a great degree of social and economic diversity among the Downtown population, accompanied by a diversity of housing types, tenures and atfordabilty, Different communities have different needs in terms of ‘community services and support. Downtown is an inclusive place for vulnerable people and, as growth continues, there is a need to address the threat of displacement and increase supportive services and affordable hhousing. Planning for Downtown community services and faciliies cannot follow a broad city.wide template, ‘As Downtown’s population increases, more residents are using its parks and ‘open spaces as their shared backyards and gathering areas. They are joined by hundreds of thousands of workers and visitors who use the same public ‘spaces to gather, celebrate and be active. The development of a connected and expanded system of high-quality public spaces for people and healthy, diverse natural systems will keep Downtown liveable as intensifies ‘Schedule § to Amendment No. 406 4, Policy 1.1 is deleted in its entirety and replaced with: “1.1 The policies ofthis Pian apply to the area shown on Map 41-1 subject, to the following: 4.4.4. Any land that is subject fo the Central Waterfront Secondary Plan on Map 41-1 is not subject to this Plan as long as the land remains part of the Central Waterfront Secondary Plan, withthe exception of the following: a, policies 6.1 and 6.2 apply to lands within the Financial District on Map 41-2; and b. Identified transit and planned transit on Map 41-4 ‘applies forall purposes of this Plan.” 5. Policy 1.3 is deleted in its entirety and replaced with: "Text within the shaded boxes forms the policies of this Plan, Text without shading provides the context for the policies only and are not policies.” 6. New policy 1.8 is inserted as: “The policies in this Plan that address the provision of community benefits are to be read with in the context of the Planning Act that permits the City to obtain community benefit charges andior inckind contributions, and such policies are to be interpreted and applied in a ‘manner that conforms with the Planning Act and any associated legislation.” 7. New policy 1.9 Is inserted as: "This Plan does not apply to applications for official pan amendment, zoning by-law amendment, draft plan of subdivision fr condominium approval, site plan approval, consent or minor variance Which were complete prior to the approval of this Plan and which are not 10. "1 12, withdrawn, Inforce site-specific official plan and/or zoning by-law amendments shall be deemed to conform with this Plan." In section 3, add new sentence above sub-heading "Complete Communities” with the following wording: "The following section sets out goals which are ‘encouraged within the Downtown.” In section 3, all paragraphs below sub-heading “Complete Communities” are deleted in their entirety and replaced with: “Toronto's quality of life and economic opportunities have made it one of the fastest growing cities in North America, and nowhere is this more evident than in Downtown’s rising skyline and along its crowded sidewalks. Downtown is the most prominent location for residential and non-residential development activity in the city. Ths intensity of development must be balanced with an appropriate investment in the infrastructure required to keep the heart of the city strong, livable and healthy. Toronto isa city of neighbourhoods and Downtown's vertical communities are no exception. This means that the infrastructure elements essential to building complete communities must be secured as growth occurs Downtown, It also means that buit form must be shaped in a way that is ‘compatible withthe existing and planned context and maintains and improves liveabilty for residents, workers and visitors in all forms of development. Development must be closely integrated with the delivery of new infrastructure, while ensuring that Downtown remains inclusive, accessible and affordable for people of all ages, incomes and abilties.” Policy 3.1 is deleted in its entirety and replaced with: “The provision of ‘community service faciliies, parkland, green infrastructure and physical infrastructure is encouraged to support complete communtties and the health of residents, workers and visitors.” Policy 3.2 is deleted in its entirety and replaced with: “Walkable access to a ‘complete range of amenities, services and infrastructure is encouraged to support complete communities, as provided for by this plan.” Policy 3.3 is deleted in its entirety and replaced with: “New buildings will it within their existing and planned context, conserve heritage atributes, ‘expand and improve the public realm as ‘a community benefit, create a