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COC1 – Install and Configure Computer Systems

This module expects that you can do the following:
 Disassemble a computer system
 Take inventory of everything that you remove from the system until the case is
 Assemble the computer
 Create a bootable Windows 7 on a flash drive using Rufus application
 Configure Basic Input Output (BIOS) setup - tap/hold F1, F2 or Delete
 Install an Operating System (Windows 7) using the bootable flash drive
 Create a partitions based on the instruction of the assessor.
 Install all the drivers needed for your computer, used Driver Pack.
 Install the applications software (MS Office, Anti Virus)
Things needed:
 1 screw driver
 2 flash drive
 Rufus Application
 Windows 7 ISO image
 Computer drivers (Driver Pack Solution)
 Microsoft Office (any version) installer
 Anti-virus software – SMADAV

COC2 - Set Up Computer Networks

This module expects that you can do the following:

1. Create cables – crossover, straight-through
2. Configure a wireless router
3. Configure an access point
4. Connect and configure the devices –one (1) desktop client, one (1) desktop
server to form a peer to peer network.
a. Windows Server IP Address:
b. Windows 7 IP Address:
c. Computer names are “windowsserver” and “Windows7”
d. Workgroup: “CSS”
5. Test connectivity
6. Create folders and configure shares.

Things needed:
 Two (2) desktops
 Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) cables
 Registered Jack #45 (RJ45)
 Crimper
 Cable Tester
 One (1) router
 One (1) wireless access point (WAP)
 One (1) Screw driver
 One (1) switch

COC3 – Setup Computer Server

This module expects that you can do the following:

 Install and configure active domain directory role (Domain Controller)
 Install and configure domain name services (DNS) role – dcpromo
 Install and configure dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) role
 Create an Organizational Unit (OU) and create two (2) user accounts
 Join the client desktop to the domain
 Create a folder in the server; share it (read/write) for FOLDER redirection. - gpo
 Redirect documents and desktop of the clients
 Configure remote desktop on all the machines
 Install and configure Print and Document Services role
 Install a printer in the server, install the driver - gpo
 Install Print Management
 Configure printer deployment
 Perform printing using network printer

COC4 – Maintain and Repair Computer Systems and Network

This module expects that you can do the following:

 Create a system backup image of the folder
 Use the created backup image to restore the deleted folder
 Use disk defragmenter
 Use disk cleanup
 Scan the system for viruses
Occupational Health and Safety Procedures

1. Do not work alone so that there's someone who can take care of you in case of


2. Always power off the computer and unplug the computer before working on it.

3. Take away any liquid near your working area to avoid getting electrocuted or

accidentally damaging computer parts.

4. Be careful with tools that may cause short circuit.

5. Always ground or discharge yourself before touching any part of the computer.

6. Do not use excessive force if things don't quite slip into place.

7. Clean the area before and after using it to maintain sanitation and prevent accidents.

8. Hold the components on the edges and do not touch the Integrated Circuit (IC)


9. Always wear personal protective equipments (PPE) in accordance with the

organization's OHS procedures and practices.

10. Make sure that the pins are properly aligned when connecting a cable connector.

11. Contingency measures during workplace accidents, fire and other emergencies are


12. Use brush, compressed air or blower in cleaning the computer system.
Sample Inventory