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The Wikipedia encyclopaedia defines “chaos (derived from Ancient Greek Language), as
typically referring to unpredictability and is the antithesis of cosmos. The word itself did
not mean “disorder” in classical-period Ancient Greece. It meant “the primal emptiness,
space.” Chaos is derived from the Proto-Indo-European root ghn or ghen meaning “gape,
be wide open:” compare “chasm” (from ancient Greek, a cleft, slit or gap), and Anglo-
Saxon ganian (“yawn”), geanian, ginian (“gape wide”); see also Old Norse Ginnungagap.
Due to people misunderstanding early Christian uses of the word, it changed to

This original misunderstanding is where humans took a direction that separated them
from the orders of love in nature that exist for transformation and transcendence of
themselves. This misunderstanding is an image carried by all of us. An image handed
down to us in the collective unconscious. An image that “disorder” exists and that it is
“against” or in opposition to the order of the cosmos. It is not, it is complimentary. It is
also forgotten, and surfaces in this age, as a seemingly “destructive” chaos that
continuously grabs our attention by its seemingly negative acts. This present day chaos,
that follows death and destruction, is here to remind us of something. There is a hidden
dynamic that serves the whole and demands inclusion. It will exist until we embrace the
original meaning of chaos and allow it to come to rest in the “primal emptiness” of the
space at the centre of all, including each individual.

Bert Hellinger’s transcendent move towards the spirit mind embraces the original
meaning of chaos. Hence, many experiencing the work are left feeling confused,
cheated, scratching their heads wondering, frustrated and unsatisfied on the level of both
personal and collective conscience. They are in fact identified with a personal or
collective idea or belief that creates an image of “order.” This stands in seeming
opposition to cosmic “disorder” of emptiness or “wide open.” How then does one
dissolve this image to embrace spirit, in love’s order of cosmos?

It is also helpful at this point to understand the hidden dynamics of evolutionary process.
Non-linear dynamics, of which chaos theory forms an active part, is having a huge
influence upon modern day scientific discovery. Decades ago I heard my master Osho
talk about the evolution of “mind”. If I understood correctly, Darwin’s evolutionary
theory revealed how “monkey became man”. According to many Masters, that man has
been also in an evolutionary process to transcend his “animal” and “human” heritage via
the development of a “mind.” This developmental process is in fact linear. It follows an
evolutionary horizontal line tethered to instinct, survival and gravity of the earth. The
evolution of mind is linear, logical and mathematical. It progresses from A to B to C…etc
in a linear fashion.

Just as monkey took a leap into being man, with a mind, and transcended animal; man
now has the opportunity to transcend his mind and move to consciousness to become the
“buddha nature.”
I think we could all agree that these modern times are chaotic. This is because
collectively we have come of age. Collectively this “chaos” reminds us that we have
come to the end of that evolutionary process of developing a mind. It is here. We have
done it. We are in fact at the end of the horizontal line or path that was so
compassionately given to us to travel. As energy is always in motion and movement
towards growth it is imperative we grow awareness of direction to travel beyond
ourselves. Otherwise that same energy becomes destructive instead of creative.
Directions are important. What are the criteria for discernment of direction?

This modern chaos commands inclusion of its opposite to be able to reveal a direction
that enables all to become whole. Osho has said that man has three choices at this point
in his evolutionary process. Having evolved a mind and having gone as far as mind can
1. Falling below the mind into insanity.
2. Committing suicide.
3. Transcending or moving above the mind.
Never before have we seen so many suicides or movements towards death and insanity.
The “effects” are obvious, however many are not aware of its “causes” in the big scheme
of things. When I was In Kuala Lumpur with Bert Hellinger in February there was one
constellation in which every movement of everyone was in a movement towards death.
Collectively many are in this movement now. Past patterning, education, religion,
conditioning and politics ensure that many remain in the grip of a mind that becomes
more destructive every day in its movement and effort to find a way out. Bert in this
moment said “I can do nothing to help this.” The despair felt at the heart of all present
was tangible, you could almost touch it. This despair belongs to all of us. He then
silently moved to include another representative in the constellation. He said “this is
life.” Miraculously every person engaged in movements towards death began to slowly
move towards life. This is the present state of humanity. Remaining tethered to the
personal and collective conscience can only lead to death, suicide. This is simply
because these consciences are born out of the duality of mind. The effect can never
demonstrate anything other than fragmentation or chaos. Sure, some understanding, some
growth may result along the horizontal line that is, until the next engagement in the
polarity of problems seduces us.

The direction for transcendence of mind to spirit is “vertical”. It is a vertical pathway. It

defies gravity. It is non-linear, non-logical and requires the “quantum leap” into the
unknown. It is the opposite that waits to be included in not only constellation work but
all spirit mind movement in the world today. Parallels reflecting this basic reality are all
around us. Here Earth and Sky meet. The masculine and feminine, left and right brains,
yin and yang, and east and west are all included. The chaos is the search for a right
direction. The longing for a lost pathway that we know is there but have forgotten. It is a
blessing, a reminder filled with great benevolence of spirit. The path, is the “primal
emptiness” of space, beyond the mind. The “gap” of no thought. We just need to learn
the art of “gaping, wide open” when witnessing the effects of seeming chaos or
confusion. In doing this we act in accordance with the orders of the cosmos and love. We
compliment its order. We stand erect in reverence for what is; ready to jump into
something higher that the cosmos reveals to us. We are prepared to leave the safety of the
horizontal line of knowing, mind and duality. We let go of our personal and collective
conscience and we enter into consciousness.

This entering into consciousness is as scientific as it is spiritual. This is where science

meets mysticism. This is my experience of this movement. When the mind is engaged in
polarity it becomes confused, irritated, and resistant. If one has the meditative ability to
witness or watch this response it becomes more and more intense. Watching and
accepting exactly what is as it is…… is consumed by the heat. This is
uncomfortable, however, a certain intensity or totality is needed for transformation to
happen. This intensity where two opposing ideas of mind meet is mostly felt as intense
pain. This pain pulls the energy down deep into the horizontal line of being
human/animal. The pain is the pain of resistance. The movement down is gravitational.
This is because the ideas of mind that sustained us previously positioned themself above
our reality, our roots. Even though it was an illusion it attempted to take a high position
away from human instinct and roots. In letting go we fall deep into our truth and inner
being. We all know how shattering these moments can be. This movement remains
nothing other than an unconscious suffering unless we are able to watch with detached
observation of the facts, as the fiction falls. So when we tune into spirit, the first
movement is down to the horizontal. Here we are on a level of reality. We are the same
as everyone else, no greater or less.

In these great moments of painful intensity, chaos and heat, I have experienced a rising
up of energy happening at the exact same time. This only happens by saying yes to the
pain, yes to the intensity and yes to the whole experience in all its totality. Here one finds
oneself right in the middle of the vertical/horizontal existential grid of growth. A cross,
how strange? Perhaps this is the true meaning of the cross that symbolizes the
resurrection of Christ. This merging is felt exactly in the centre of the heart, in its
emptiness. During such moments the whole body mind is vibrating with duality. The
vibration moves from the circumference of the being towards the centre. The
transformation takes place at the very rim of the centre or gap in the middle of the heart
chakra. This is what I feel Bert Hellinger refers to when he reflects upon his experience
of watching wood burn in a fireplace on page 65 of his book “Rising In Love.”
“Burning Away
On Christmas eve I was sitting by the open fireplace watching the flames as they
consumed the wood. I watched them becoming less and less, until there was only the
glow of the embers left. As I was sitting there being taken along by this primordial
movement, a few sentences came to me.
Everything is consumed with something that it serves.
Each one burns on its own.
What has been burnt keeps on glowing for a long time.
Before it vanishes, it may rise up.
What burns, turns into ashes, and something new will come of it.”

A friend once commented to me: “We cannot operate completely in the transcendent
sphere without risking losing something of the human.” The energy of our humanness
and animal is the energy of our spirit and consciousness. They are not separate. One is
consumed to become the other. Human beings, in my opinion do not need “at least some
tiny modicum of the concrete, of story, to create a context for spiritual transformation”.
They are already in the grip of such a “story” or “context” that has life threatening
consequences for the planet.

We pay a price for our transformation and that is our humanness. However the
movements of the spirit mind ensure that we become filled with more and more love. The
journey becomes easier as we are consumed and rise in that love.

In the spiritual domain, whatever we try to set into motion and to resolve on our
own goes nowhere. When we are not in unison with the spirit-mind, we lack the
power needed to restore order to what was in disorder, in us and in others, out of its
opposition to love.
Second, we experience this guidance as clarity and strength, and we no longer
need to ask advice and help from others. The guidance of the spirit-mind will stand
for no one being next to it, for no assessment, no objection, no criticism.
Spirit abandons anyone wanting to stand in the way of love by opposing reunion;
a movement that brings together what was in opposition.”
P 65,66, of ‘Rising In Love.’ Bert Hellinger

Sadhana Kay Needham