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Application details of Registration-Id: 11907003316 for National Defence Academy & Naval

Academy Examination (I) - 2019

प�ज�करण स��� 11907003316 क� र����य रक्ष� अक�दम� तथ� न�स�न� अक�दम� पर�क्ष� (I) - 2019 क� �लए आव�दन �ववरण

PART - I / ��ग - I

Name / न�म : DEEP SHEKHAR

Gender / �ल�ग : Male
Date of Birth / जन्म ���� : 31-10-2002
Father's Name / �प�� क� न�म : SP SINGH
Mother's Name / म��� क� न�म : VIBHA SINGH
Nationality / न�ग�रक�� : Indian
Marital Status / व�व��हक ����� : Unmarried
Community / सम�द�य : General
Do you belong to Minority / ��
आप अल्पस�ख्यक ह� :
Fee Remission Claimed / ��ल्क
म�फ :
Rz- 46 syndicate enclave
raghu nagar dabri mod 110045
Address / प�� :
New Delhi
Delhi - 110045
Mobile No. / म���इल न� : 8750144678
e-mail / ई-म�ल :
Alternative e-mail / व�क�ल्पक
ई-म�ल :
Appeared/Appearing at 12th class of 10 plus 2 pattern of school
Educational Qualification / ���क्षक
education or an equiv. exam. with both Physics and Maths
य�ग्य�� :
among the subjects.
Aadhaar Card - XXXXXXXX6002
Note: Please remember to provide/carry the above
Photo Identity Card / फ�ट� पह��न
mentioned photo identity card for future reference
पत्र :
and carry the same to the Personality Test/SSB/
examination venue.
Preferences / वर�य�� : Army: 1 | Navy: 2 | Air Force: 4 | Naval Academy: 3
Whether Student of
Sainik/Military School / �� आप No
स��नक / �म�लटर� ��ल क� �व���� ह� :
Whether Son of JCO/NCO/Other Yes
Rank officers and studying in
Sainik Military School
�� आप ज�स�ओ/एनस�ओ/अ� र� क क�
अ��क��रय�� क� प�त्र ह� और स��नक/�म�लटर�
��ल क� �व���� ह�
PART - II / ��ग - II
[Fee Payment Details,Photograph, Signature, Photo Identity Card Document & Examination Centre of Registration-
Id: 11907003316]
[प�ज�करण स�ख्य� :11907003316 क� ��ल्क ��ग��न �ववरण, फ�ट���फ , ह��क्षर, फ�ट� पह��न पत्र द��व�ज़ और पर�क्ष� क�द्र]

Fee Payment Details (Subject to verification) ��ल्क ��ग��न �ववरण (स��पन क� अ��न)
Registration-Id / प�ज�करण स�ख्य� : 11907003316
Transaction-Id / ल�नद� न स�ख्य� : 201901352207384
Transaction Date / ल�नद� न क� ���� : 13-01-2019
Fee Paid (in Rs) / ��ग��न �कय� गय� ��ल्क (रु म�) : 100
Agency Name / एज�स� क� न�म : State Bank of India
Mode of Payment / ��ग��न क� म�ध्यम : Credit/Debit Card

Photo Identity Card Examination

Photograph / फ�ट���फ Signature / ह��क्षर Document / फ�ट� पह��न center /
पत्र द��व�ज़ पर�क्ष� क�द्र

Document Uploaded Delhi

1. I hereby declare that all statements made in this application are true, complete and correct to the
best of my knowledge and belief. In the event of any information being found false or incorrect, or
ineligibility being detected before or after the examination, action can be taken against me by the
Commission as per the provision given in the notification.
म� एत��र� ����त करत� �� �क इस आव�दन म� म�र� ��र� �दए गए सभ� कथन म�र� ज�नक�र� और �व��स क� अन�स�र सह� ह� । य�द क�ई
स�चन� गलत अथव� असत्य प�ई ज�त� ह� अथव� पर�क्ष� स� पहल� अथव� इसक� ��द अप�त्रत� स�मन� आन� पर आय�ग ��र� अ�धस�चन� म�
�दए गए प्र�वध�न क� अ�तग�त म�र� �वरुद्ध क�र� व�ई क� ज� सकत� ह� ।

2. I have read the provisions in the rules and the notice of the Commission carefully and hereby
undertake to abide by them. I further declare that I fulfil all the conditions of eligibility regarding age
limits, educational qualifications etc. prescribed for admission to the examination.
म�न� �नयम�� और आय�ग क� न���स म� �दए गए प्र�वध�न�� क� ध्य�नप�व�क पढ़ �लय� ह� और एत��र� इनक� अन�प�लन क� वचन द� त� �� । म�
यह भ� ����त करत� �� �क म�, पर�क्ष� म� प्रव�श ह� त� �नध�� �रत आय� स�म�, श��क्षक य�ग्ययत� आ�द क� स���ध म� प�त्रत� क� सभ� शत� क�
प�र� करत� �� ।

3. I have informed my Head of Office/Department in writing that I am applying for this examination.*
* Applicable for those who are already in government service/similar organizations or government
owned industrial undertakings whether in permanent or temporary capacity or as work charged
employees other than casual or daily rated employees or those serving under public enterprises.
म�न� अपन� क�य�� लय/ �वभ�ग क� अध्यक्ष क� �ल��त म� स��चत कर �दय� ह� �क म� इस पर�क्ष� क� �लए आव�दन कर रह� �� । *
* उन उ��दव�र�� क� म�मल� म� ल�ग�, ज� पहल� स� ह� सरक�र� स�व�/सम�न स�गठन अथव� सरक�र� ���म�� व�ल� औद्य��गक उपक्रम�� म�
�थ�य� अथव� अ�थ�य� रूप स� अथव� अ�नय�मत अथव� द� �नक भ�� पर क�य�रत कम�च��रय�� क� ��ण� स� इतर क�य� आध��रत भ�� पर
क�य�रत कम�च�र� ह� अथव� स�व�ज�नक क्ष�त्र�� क� उद्यम�� म� क�य�रत कम� ह� ।