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hybris Developer Part I - Core Platform

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hybris Developer Part I - Core Platform
The hybris Core Platform training expands participants' knowledge of the underlying technical capabilities of the hybris Developer Part I
hybris platform. Participants require a solid knowledge of Java and the Spring framework as well as common tools core Platform
v 4.7 November 14, 2012
such as Eclipse and Ant. The aim of the course is to give developers a set of development tools and techniques that
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enable them to effectively extend and enhance the hybris framework.


This training course runs for 4 days.

Course Description

The training course concentrates on important programming aspects within the hybris Platform. With extensive hands-
on segments, it covers development topics such as development environment set-up, data modeling, data import and
export using ImpEx, hybris Management Console customization, ServiceLayer programming, as well as Web Service
API and Cockpit framework programming. It also focuses on the important topics of Validation, Workflows, and the
Process Engine.

The course is based on the hybris Development Trail found in the hybris Wiki. During the course the participants will
use best-practice software engineering concepts and strategies, such as test driven development (TDD).


Knowledge Requirements Excellent knowledge of Java Programming.

Very good knowledge of Spring framework and Eclipse

Technical Prerequesites Every participant needs a computer with minimum:

(dual core CPU, 4 GB memory, 3 GB of free hard disk space)
Access to at least one USB port.
Internet connection
hybris Wiki account

Pre-installed Software Most recent Java Development Kit 6 (OpenJDK not supported)
Most recent Eclipse SDK + Web Tools Platform
No virtual machines

Please be sure to consult the hybris Wiki regularly for updated information regarding the training agenda and
supported software.

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hybris Developer Part I - Core Platform
Link to the trail in the Wiki: hybris Developer Part I
core Platform
Wiki account required.
v 4.7 November 14, 2012

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Training Course Introduction

Overview of hybris Product Line
Overview of the Technical Architecture
hybris Online Resources
hybris Support
Release Strategy

Setting Up a Development Environment

Covers the Trails ”Preparation“, “Goal“, and ”New Extension“

Installing hybris Multichannel Suite
Build Framework
Basic Configuration
hybris Server and SpringSource tcServer
hybris Administration Console
Eclipse Integration
Extension Concept

Data Modeling with hybris Type System

Covers the Trails “New Data Model”, “New Data Model II”, and “Browsing the Database”
Introducing hybris Type System (Data Modeling)

Technical Concepts

Media Management

hybris Management Console

Covers the Trail “Integrating in the hMC”

Overview of the hybris Management Console
Storing Layout Configuration
hMC Localization
Type System Localization

Import and Export

Covers the Trail “Populating the Data Model”

ImpEx functional overview
ImpEx syntax overview
Performing imports and exports (hAC, hMC, API)

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Covers the Trail “CronJobs”

hybris Developer Part I
Introducing CronJob core Platform
v 4.7 November 14, 2012

Cockpit Framework page 4 of 5

Covers the Trail “Cockpit Basics”

Theoretical Background
Layout Configuration

Multichannel Cockpit

Covers the Trail “MCC”

hybris Multichannel Cockpit

Programming with the ServiceLayer

Covers the Trails “Testing the Data Access Objects”, “Testing the Service”, “Service-Overview, “Testing the
Facades” and “Front end”
Spring Integration
Architecture of the ServiceLayer
Services, Strategies, and Facades
Flexible Search

Advanced ServiceLayer Programming

Covers the Trails “Service interceptors” and “Events”



User Accounts (Principals)

Type Based Access Rights

Reporting with vJDBC

Overview of hybris Virtual JDBC

Dynamic Model Attributes

Covers the Trail “Dynamic Attributes”

Dynamic Attribute Overview
Good Uses for Dynamic Attributes
Pitfalls to avoid when using Dynamic Attributes
Examples of Dynamic Attributes

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hybris Developer Part I
Covers the Trail “Catalogs” core Platform
The hybris Catalog Extension v 4.7 November 14, 2012

Catalog Management Tools page 5 of 5

Catalog Visibility
Catalog implementation
Catalogs, Flexible Search, and Restrictions


Covers the Trail “Validation”

Data Validation Framework
Validation service
Administration cockpit
Cockpit integration

Process Engine

Covers the Trail “Process Engine”

Architectural overview
Business analysis
Process definition in XML file
Defining actions
Spring integration
Process definition
Task extension


A long term vision

Web Service API

Covers the Trail “Webservices”

REST Overview
REST for hybris
Functional Overview
Implementing with hybris Web Service API

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