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Zhengzhou University
School of Civil Engineering

Seismic Isolation and Reduction Design of


姓名/Name : Kharisma Prayoga

学生号/Student Number : 20178012014
专业/Major : Civil Engineering

Keyword :
Indonesia have a high risk of earthquake, because it located between four plate, that is
India-Australia plate, Eurasia plate, Pacific plate, and Phillipine plate. Thus Indonesia have a
lot of seismic activities because of the movement of the plate and the active tectonic
Earthquake is a phenomenon of seismic wave release that occur suddenly because of the
crack or slip of rock mass in earth plate (Hartuti, 2009). The movement of the earth that
rotate to it axis creates a pressure. If the pressure that occurs on the tectonic plate is too
large, then resulted in an earthquake. Energy release process at the plates are clastic waves,
that is seismic waves or an earthquake that reach to the earth surface and causing vibration
that induce damage to the structure on the earth surface.
In several case of Indonesian earthquake that happened in Yogyakarta, Aceh, Padang and
Riau, encountered a lot of severe damage on building and causing casualties compared to
earthquake that happened in Japan in 2011. It indicate that Indonesia is not ready for the
earthquake that can be happen anytime, the building nor the human. According to
Madutujuh (1989) it is not the earthquake that kills, nor the building, but the building that
designed inappropriately and cannot resist the earthquake will cause casualties, so the
building must be designed to resist the earthquake.
Lately technology and science develop so fast. In earthquake resistant building design,
researcher developed an alternative design approach that can reduce the risk of the building
damage and maintain the structural component Integrity and non structural against strong
earthquake (Saloma, 2015). The approach of this design are not done with strengthen the
building structure but it is done by reducting the earthquake force that act on the building.
This technology known as seismic isolation. This system usually applied on high storey
building and on a bridge structure both structure very susceptible to earthquake. Base
isolation is a system that very useful as passive control that will work when the earthquake
occur. One kind of the base isolator HDRB or High Damping Rubber Bearing.
Base Isolator
As the technology develop a system or material to resist an earthquake also developed,
HDRB is used as an earthquake resistance that placed at the base of the structure, so it is
also known as base isolator, thus the structure above the isolator not bonded together with
the foundation structure.
The Design Method
The method uses in this paper is based on Indonesian standard for design earthquake
resistant for structural building and non structural building or SNI 1726:2012 this code is
similar to ASCE 7-10.
The codes, the methods in refefrences, frequencies or modes analysis
The Structural Measures
The codes the methods in references
The Effects
The structures successfully withstood the test of the earthquake
The Discuss and conclusion